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  1. Freedom and responsibility, perhaps, are like the “notorious” struggle and unity of opposites. But not about that yet. It seems to me that before starting a discussion, you may need to agree on terms. Why is that? The concepts of freedom and responsibility can be different for everyone, and when exchanging opinions, the discussion will go not in essence, but in terms of concepts.

    These two entities are very interesting in themselves and in different compositions, and I would like the discussion not to be short.

  2. Increases it.

    The more freedom , the more responsibility.

    I don't even know what else to add to select the remaining twenty-five characters…

  3. It depends on what kind of freedom is meant. But I personally believe that freedom increases responsibility, at least to yourself. Being free in anything, you are not responsible to anyone (this may beckon), but you are responsible to yourself, and this (if you care about yourself) is the most responsible thing in life. This is a kind of self-education and self-discipline, and it is useful to do them from time to time.

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