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  1. First you need to define the term “consciousness”.

    If this is what remains after death and flows into the general cauldron of the cosmic supermind, then no, there is nothing like that.

    If this is what distinguishes humans from other animals, i.e. a more complex and finely tuned nervous system, then yes, but other species do not have this.

  2. If I take your question seriously and think about it, and answer “Yes, there is”, will you be satisfied with this answer? Will you accept human consciousness as existing on the basis of agreeing with my answer? Will you require additional arguments, examples, and arguments to agree?

    If I respond to your question “cum grano salis”, but also think about it, and answer” No, it doesn't exist”, Will you be satisfied with this answer? You state :” I knew it, human consciousness does not exist! So others think the same.”? Or will you challenge my short answer and demand detailed evidence? Evidence of the non-existence of consciousness… 🤔

    No matter how you think about your question, my answer, and the various dialogue configurations, they are possible and exist only in mutual assumption of each other and as mutually understood. This understanding is not necessarily given as consent: for example now you can understand/knowing that you can't accept my position.�

    Even if you accept what happens to you when you read this answer as an illusion, it (illusion) in this capacity must be thought/realized

    That is, as soon as we ask ourselves the question/thought about the existence of something (the external world or “our” consciousness), we discover a certain necessary condition for the conceivability of both the object of thought and the thought itself about it, the condition of knowledge about them, which is given along with KNOWLEDGE, consciousness.�

    Is this consciousness “human consciousness” and what is its “humanity”? is this consciousness a habitual and individual self-consciousness? – that's another question… 🙄 �

    PS. Take a look at this question�M. K.. Mamardashvili.�Consciousness as a philosophical problem

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