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  1. The fact is that there is a significant difference in the size of functional areas of the brain(both the direct size and the number of neurons in them, their density, etc.).
    As a result, people who are better developed in their respective fields with the same amount of hard work, motivation, and access to the educational base (and its quality) are more likely to achieve high results.

    But hard work and perseverance are important factors that can cover up the lack of “Talent”to a certain extent.

  2. In fact, every person has an innate predisposition to some kind of business. Not only will this person be able to do this job better than anyone else around them, but they will get real pleasure from it. In a better world, the main task of pedagogy would be to recognize such predispositions in children, and help in the first stages of the path. In the existing world, alas! Most people are busy with something they don't like, and they don't even know that you can do something and be happy at the same time.�

    Of course, with the help of perseverance and work, anyone can achieve certain success in any business. The question is how much effort will be spent on this. For example, those results that someone can spend their entire life achieving, a person with a predisposition can achieve in a month without much effort.

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