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  1. Hermeneutics is the antithesis of positivism, and our professor emphasized that the main question for hermeneutics is ” Why?” and it examines the subject. For positivism, the causes themselves are not important, and the main question is “How?” and the study of the object.
    Such juxtapositions help me remember, and I hope they will be useful to you as well.

  2. Hermeneutics “- the art of understanding and meaning of the sign system, “theory and general rules of text interpretation, philosophical teaching about the ontology of understanding and epistemology of the text” . “Phenomenon” contains all the content about the subject: both the phenomenon and the essence (Husserl). Heidegger makes a distinction: “the difference between phenomenon and phenomenon.” A ” phenomenon “is a” phenomenon “in the world of multiplicity (I. Kant), where the main idea is that the” phenomenon ” is self-sufficient.

  3. Hermeneutics is an approach to interpreting and “understanding” a phenomenon. Hermeneutics initially emerged as a methodology for interpreting texts, but in the 20th century it was applied to almost any phenomenon of human culture and to human subjective experience. The hermeneutical method, in general, consists in placing oneself in a certain context and exploring “from within” – a consistent study of particular details complements the context, and the augmented context in turn changes the researcher's view of details. Details only make sense in the context of the whole, but you can only explore the whole through details. This is the so-called hermeneutical circle (which, in fact, has several different meanings).

    Phenomenology is the study of one's” phenomenal ” (subjective, first-person) experience, its structures and qualities. The central structure of phenomenal experience is intentionality, the focus of experience on something as an object that has content or meaning. Phenomenology has existed since ancient times, but the term itself in its modern meaning was popularized by Husserl.

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