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  1. Now imagine that this world is a figment of your imagination. All you see is your learning process, your personal life-long lesson. There aren't really any Americas, just your room. There's nothing even in the window behind the curtain. Until you look there. And everything you're studying right now is being carefully pushed to you by something higher up than you are. Every situation is designed to teach you. There's no one around, all NPCs. Or we are all so tied up in this scenario of life that interacting with each other, we each learn our own personal lesson. And the very way to see reality is a very subjective thing. I do not know what color your sun is, or even that it is the sun for you. Or maybe it doesn't exist at all. Maybe after death I will wake up, shake off the frailty of this reality, where, for some reason, you need to breathe and eat, and say to your ” friends “(friends?), “cool experience!”.

    Or maybe I will crumple the canvas of this reality, sounds, colors, sensations to a point and remain in the void. Not yet awake, but already rejected these illusory worlds with fighters, space, aliens, magicians and otherworldly entities?

    It is quite possible that we are all one consciousness, divided into billions of parts and recreated the world, simulating its development over the past 20 thousand years to get a new experience? Or maybe everything is scarier and all this is done out of boredom and their own complete isolation?

    Any pure mind will start with a yes and a no. One and zero. Something and emptiness.

    Perhaps this entire universe is designed to answer a single question: Who am I? Because it was the only way to realize your identity in complete isolation?

    Any experience is useful. Based on this, this experiment was started. Any pain, any suffering, is better than emptiness. By suffering and enjoying, we know ourselves. This is the only thing that we can do and that has value.

    The only thing that makes sense is to live this life in an interesting way. like a game.

    I understand that all of the above sounds very much like nonsense, but I'm clearly not the only one.


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