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  1. In my opinion, even if only because of the money and you can afford it and it suits you, then from both points of view — it is worth it.
    Women in general are amazing creatures-I found the right one, I think I caught God by the beard.

  2. Is buying a refrigerator worth the money? What about going to a restaurant? And friendship? God, what kind of stupid questions are these? If you need a simple relationship and you have a lot of money-start a kept woman. If you don't have any money, other needs, etc., don't start it up.

  3. To answer your question, it is worth clarifying 2 points: “oh, so how much money do you spend on it?” and “what are your options?”.

    If you are more interested in buying cognac with the same money, for example, then definitely buy cognac and do not fool the person's head.
    If all your expenses for the girl are 3 tram tickets, then… well, I think it's clear further.
    If you spend more money on a girl than you earn (for example, you are harnessed to loans), then this is also understandable.
    But there is still a huge TS financial and philosophical zone, and here everything is completely incomprehensible.
    People, you know, are very different, and the circumstances of life are also different. Your question cannot be answered.

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