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  1. I was fascinated by his “Thing” thing. this is the first Heideggerian thing I read and, of course, was impressed: an unusual style of thinking, insight, suggestiveness, self-interpretation, it seems to lead you along the path of thought. well, then the “question of technology”. the main thing is not to wait for answers from them, but to let the text captivate you. then you can also read something more extensive and conceptual, that is, the rest of the texts from the collection “time and being”

  2. Approach from the direction of Slavoj Zizek. Read the book “The Ticklish Subject”, for example. You will learn a lot of interesting and important things, and then start reading Heidegger's works with some theoretical background. I did that.

  3. You definitely shouldn't start with “Being and Time”, because if you take it up as part of a general philosophy course or for your own development, you probably won't finish reading it and you won't want to go back to Heidegger again.

    “What is metaphysics” is really relatively small, but it is imbued with specifically philosophical terminology, so without preliminary general philosophical training it is not very clear, and with that it is not particularly informative about the features of Heidegger's teaching.

    If I were writing Heidegger for the first time, I would recommend The Time of the World Picture, which was already the first thing I read. It is quite brief, gives an understanding of what to expect from his major works (at least stylistically), specific and consistent. In addition, after reading it, there are grounds for condescending attitude to the philistine use of the concept of a picture of the world anywhere in any meaning.

    Another very good and popular work is “The Question of Technology”. It can be read without any prior preparation at all. Just note that it contains quite a few concepts in ancient Greek that are not always recognized when scanning, so before reading it, I recommend viewing the source for the subject of krakozyabr.

  4. I think that a good introduction to the work of this German philosopher will be his book “Genesis and Time”. It will more accurately reveal Heidegger himself. It is this book that is just the most important of his works. It has had a significant impact on philosophy, especially on existentialism, hermeneutics, and deconstruction.

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