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  1. Like any nugget, it is better to look for a” native soul ” not in a poor ore, but if possible in a rich one. Where the probability of finding it is higher.

    First, you need to look at those to whom this can be applied – what qualities can a candidate for the title of “soul mate” have specifically for you? After all, everyone needs their own…

    From this, it will be clear in which professions/places/images/communities they can be found. Attract intellectuals – one search card. Attract the tender and helpless-another. Bold and determined – the third. With a high degree of probability, each “native soul” is among its own kind… So search))

  2. Like attracts like.

    This is bound to happen sooner or later.

    There is no practical way to speed up this event.

    Although there are 🙂

    But it is very difficult – you need to be yourself, be an open and understandable Person.

    If you give yourself all sorts of intelligence, achievements, opportunities and so on that are not inherent in you, then slow down the process of bringing Souls together, because not such people are repelled.

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