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  1. I believe that God is Absolute intelligence. To say that it is everywhere is an understatement. Nature is everywhere, the universe is everywhere. God is even where there is no nature and no universe. It is impossible to imagine this visually, and it is completely wrong to endow God with human qualities: good, evil, love, etc. God is not a biological being, nor is he a creature at all, but for contact he can appear in any form from a butterfly to Jesus Christ.

  2. I will first tell you how people represent God. Some imagine that this creature is in the form of a sort of old man sitting on a throne and abusing the world. Others say that God is nature. The following represent something indefinite, but there is something inside each person. There are, however, other ideas about God that are completely incomprehensible to the authors themselves and fantastic. I have no idea of God, because I believe that he does not exist.

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