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  1. My children taught me to value myself more, to take care of myself, and not to take risks. With the birth of children, you don't belong to yourself anymore: you can't run a red light across the street. If you get hit by a car, the children will be left without a mother.
    Therefore, the value of one's own life has changed.

  2. Well, first of all, the baby just changed my plans for life) I got ready to sign a five-year contract with a large international company. But I didn't have time. I recognized the pregnancy in time. And thank God that on time) And then prishlosbv pay good compensation. But in the future, I did not regret it. Secondly, thanks to my son, I became addicted to football and sports in general. Match TV is our favorite channel. I look forward to the moment when I will sit on the podium as a mother-fan ( my son is studying at the Academy of FC Krasnodar). Well, with the birth of my child, I stopped watching war movies. It doesn't matter if the victim is a child or a young soldier. I always imagine my son in this role. And the heart shrinks (((. That's it)))

  3. Changed dramatically 🙂

    For starters, they made me more mature, organized, and responsible.�

    Now the children have matured a little, and I not only teach them something, but often learn from them.

  4. Forced to be more responsible. To begin with, there are no other people's children. A long time ago, when I was sitting with my younger sisters, I always tried to focus so that I wouldn't make mistakes. When I got older and went for a walk with my sister (already of a conscious age), I could distract myself, forget about everyday problems of everyday life. Children are cool, all of us, adults, remain children, sometimes you can have fun on the same level with them, sometimes you can be serious and show them your life example, share your experience. In short, children always change for the better, if this is a conscious step when you start them up. Don't be afraid to change – only a flexible and compliant person is a living person.

  5. Significantly.

    My life was less organized and more free – let my new parents say whatever they want, sooner or later they will also have to choose either to teach on their own, or to choose a school and get attached to it.�

    My life was less adult – I only saw my conflicts with my parents as a child, and now I have to be a responsible adult even with two elderly people.

    My life had significantly more options for development and flow – I could afford to emigrate, for example, change my field of work, and so on. At the moment I am a provider, I don't have the freedom to send everything and go to Uryupinsk(tm).�

    My personal life was much less conscious – if earlier a hypothetical breakup of relations was not fraught with anything, now in a hypothetical situation I need to think through, speak out and consolidate the relationship with consent not only with the child's father, but also with his (father's) parents, siblings, their spouses, etc. Plus, the same thing to convey to their parents, so that there are no conflicts, and the child does not feel between a rock and an anvil.�

    My attitude to my own health and all sorts of personal safety was much more relaxed. Right now, I don't think I have the right to risk injuring a child.�

    My attitude to family planning also changed after pregnancy and childbirth, as I realized that my somewhat spherical desires in a vacuum do not correspond at all to the reality that a new pregnancy is a danger for me, and as much as my child wants siblings, he simply does not know what the risks are.�

    In general, the first child is a terrible existential crisis.

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