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  1. This is a very difficult question, but the answer to it oddly enough exists, at least in the United States.

    Andrew Jeb, Doctor of psychology, proved that to be satisfied with life, the income must be at least $ 60,000 and not more than $75,000. It is between, not lower or higher. Below you can see for yourself why this is unpleasant. And the income is higher: “the rich cry too.”

    In short, desire is just as important for the psyche as property. If you have a desire to buy something but you can't do it, it makes you feel bad. Well, if you have everything you can buy, then this does not make you feel better. We need a middle ground. As my father used to tell me: medicine is poison, and poison is medicine it's all about the dose.


  2. Money alone is worthless. On a desert island, they are good to light a fire. The value of money, materials, items, services, etc. is determined by society. For example, isolated societies have their own values. An aboriginal far from civilization, shoelaces, an axe, a mirror or a hairstyle will make you happier than diamonds or gold coins. It turns out that money is like a reified coefficient of value for society. Therefore, the question can be restated as follows: How valuable do you need to be for society in order to be happy? Two parallel processes are connected here. Value to society is an external process. Happiness is an internal process. Everyone is happy in their own way. It is important for some to be valuable to others, but not for others. You can't universalize happiness. There are different needs that they try to structure, such as the pyramid of needs. But each person has his own happiness, because each consciousness develops along a unique path. This process never stops. The value of things is constantly changing in the process of development. In childhood, soap bubbles and the circus can be valuable, in youth — music and education, in adulthood-real estate and jewelry, and in old age again-soap bubbles and the circus. Consciousness is changing, the understanding of happiness is changing. In addition, when a person receives something material, the value of this immediately decreases greatly. In contrast to the internal state of happiness, which remains valuable under any external conditions. Therefore, the answer: “I need several billion dollars to be happy” is far from reality. Even with such money, there will be new problems, dissatisfactions, addictions (maybe even more severe than without money) that interfere with happiness and harmony with the outside world. Therefore, the closest to reality answer for me is: To be happy, I need to be in harmony with the outside world, accept the world as it is, do not get attached to things, be as free as possible.

  3. I've lived in shit all my life and dreamed of money, because I was sure that only in it is happiness.�

    Now I earn a lot of money, I don't deny myself anything. I experienced happiness when I first made purchases without looking at the price tags.�
    I still don't look at the price tags, but it doesn't make me happy anymore.�
    Over time, you think, as long as everyone is healthy, the rest doesn't matter.�

    In general, listen to the song LSP-Money is not a problem

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