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  1. No way. There is no free will, just as there is no freedom of choice. In a person, everything is predetermined by the state of his inner world.

    A person cannot make a decision that is not determined by his inner world.

    The closest reasonable concept to “free will” and “freedom of choice” is the ability of a person to make an “independent choice” . This means that the information system “person” makes a choice within itself, from the arguments available in it in favor of the choice made.

    In practice, it looks like this: In front of a person 5 varieties of ice cream, he needs to buy one. It calculates the pros and cons of each type based on the information available in it and selects the ice cream that outweighs the pros and cons. And even if he changes his choice to the detriment of all, then this new choice will not be accidental but justified by this “for the evil of all”, i.e. “for the evil of all” will outweigh all previous calculations and this will be a choice and it is always justified and one. A person cannot change it.

    And, here, for an outside observer, the choice of a person is not determined, since an outside observer does not own the state of the inner world of the observed.

    Even if the observed person has chosen a sundae a hundred times before, this time he can take a cream one and explain why he took it, and this choice will be independent.

    Therefore, neither “free will” nor “freedom of choice”, but only independent choice.

  2. By definition, you can't prove anything to anyone.

    Conditionally, something is proved only to someone who has a similar set of programs.

    There is a will, as a basic characteristic of the individual, everyone has a different one – this is the driving force of programs.

    It serves as a determinant.

    There is a horizontal will.

    Flying down, you can just fly, cry, laugh, wave your hands, look for a way out….. the forms are different, but the essence is the same-a blow to the ground.

    Everyone uses it, but in different ways.

    There is a vertical will – to become a person who uses programs as material for transformation and Evolution.

    This uses one in millions.

    This is stepping over the attitudes of the family, society, science, religion, and esotericism.

    This is someone who MAY not reach the ground, falling down.

  3. Free will is not a simple question and you can't explain it on your fingers, but in another way, verbiage is not my style of answers. Freedom, it is internal – – – natural and external – – – laws, traditions, culture, etc. The will is an internal force, it is stronger than any torment. Each person is endowed with it, but not everyone knows how to own it. It is proved, manifested, in your actions. You can say a hundred times that tomorrow I will get up at seven o'clock in the morning and do physical exercises. And this will happen when you show the WILL and start exercising. This will prove your free will!!! With respect.

  4. Let us take the fact that there is a will as an axiom. The concepts of strong-willed, rag – tag, or just shy allow for a lack of free will. But then I gathered my will into a fist and “Was not” you go there without knowing where, and there will be what will happen.

    Answer: An adventure or a clenched will is freedom of will.

  5. A person has only two freedoms:

    1) The first Freedom is the ability to create YOUR OWN JUDGMENT from many thoughts coming from other people or sources AND FORM YOUR OWN VIEW OF THE PEOPLE AND EVENTS HAPPENING AROUND YOU.

    This is a very difficult path. Because people and life situations often just manipulate people for their own personal interests. Therefore, the brains of many have long been sharpened by habitual thoughts and actions that pull these people along the path that their caring Manipulators spread out for them.

    This is a Very Difficult Way of Forming your Thoughts and Forming Your Judgment. This requires constant effort, perseverance, reflection and research of your body, in order to gradually find out for yourself what in your body responds most strongly to this or that Pulse of Energy of Information coming to you through the Senses.

    To begin with, each Person has a unique electro-magnetic Field=BIOFIELD.

    So there is the Physical Brain with its maze of furrows and Nervous System, which chemical fluids affect the cells of the body.

    But these Chemical Fluids are programmed precisely by Clots of Energy that exist in ALL NERVE NODES, in the so-called Ganglion Nodes, Vegetative nodes , and Lymph Nodes.

    The energy of Thoughts in the Brain is created by the total superposition of all the Energies of the Brain Centers of all Nodes of all Systems.

    And the Final Thought, ready for action, is created in the form of the Energy of the FINISHED IMAGE=A CAST of the Vision of the person himself or objects of Nature or the Surrounding Reality.


    What is the quality of Thoughts, such is the Vision of life.

    This is the Individual Freedom of Vision of a Single Person. It is this Vision of people that Manipulators reconstruct by persuading, charming, advertising, bullying, and other methods. The one who owns a person's thoughts is the Master of his thoughts, and therefore of his actions.

    The more a person owns His Vision of Life, the more Free Will he has to create such practical and organizational skills in himself that he can influence the thoughts of other people, change his living conditions for the better and create objects and objects that he likes and needs for a better life.

    2) The second Freedom is to die in peace. The freedom of dying is that a person is not afraid of death and therefore does not make a deal with His Conscience to please someone else's whims or orders.

    Why are such people not afraid of death? What do they know about Death?

    You need to know that in the course of your life, a person creates Thoughts that accumulate in the Long-term Memory in the Thalamus , create Their Own Judgment about Life. That is, A Person begins to REALIZE HIS PLACE AMONG PEOPLE, IN NATURE AND IN REAL LIFE. This is how HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS appears, which religions and esotericists call the Soul.

    So a CONSCIOUSNESS that has a POWERFUL ENERGY OF ITS BIOFIELD with FREE WILL (FORTITUDE) can safely move after death ALREADY CONSCIOUSLY TO ANOTHER ENERGY WORLD =To the LUMINOUS ETHER of the Planet Earth, where other people who once lived on Earth live.

    Therefore, such people are not afraid of death, knowing that nothing in their life ends with death, but only moves to another Level of Life.

    Therefore, if you meet people in your life who stand up for their Lives, despite the most difficult life circumstances, without bending down or humiliating themselves even in poverty, then these people know something about themselves that many who do not know how the World Order works do not know.

    The development of the physical person improves precisely after his death and transition with the last breath into the energy of Vital Past Memory, which is drawn into the Universal Memory Energy of all mankind – into the NOOSPHERE of the LUMINOUS ETHER of PLANET EARTH.

    At this energetic level of his life, a person lives in his Past, where he meets everyone who has passed away, if he is close to them in spirit. And fully lives his subsequent life.

    If a person is intelligent, then they improve their energy and their DNA and are born again on a physical level with a more developed brain, which is more intelligent and active.

    People who have died with the brain of a social animal can learn and correct their mistakes. But they can also degrade their energy and brain. And then, on the physical level, these people are born with damaged health or psyche, which leads to the degeneration of this person.

    With the technological development of social society, there is now a great temptation to delve into material pleasures and subordinate your mental energy to obtaining only material comfort.

    The brain's energy is wasted, and by the time they die, such people come back exhausted. With low energy, you can't fly higher than the twilight zones

  6. KMK “freedom of will” is one of the things that modern society tries to hold on to, despite the actual contradiction of the general meaning of the results of scientific observations on human neurophysiology. There is much more of the robot in humans than in the most modern robots; and emotions, which used to be often called purely human, are probably one of the most robotic parts of a human being

  7. You must first define the terms of what is will and freedom. The materialistic teaching taught in the school either avoids answering these questions, or gives meaningless demagogic answers.

    Freedom is a relative characteristic, meaning the possibility of action. We can talk about freedom only in relation to any energy or information system. For example, a person is not currently free to go outside the Solar system, but has very limited freedom to move inside it, but to move from the kitchen to the bedroom, he has almost unlimited freedom. Also with information, a person is not able to think in terms for which there are no names in his culture, but he can discover a new concept for people of his culture, describing it in terms that they understand and giving it a name. But within the existing culture, people can exchange everyday information almost indefinitely, influencing each other.

    Will is the property of a living organism to make decisions in a situation of uncertainty or lack of information. It includes two points::

    • the need to make a decision to preserve the life of the organism, this need is not recognized, it is an integral part of life, as a continuous balancing on the verge of death.

    • randomness of choosing any of the solutions that ensure the preservation of life.

    This means that the will is an opportunity to perform an informational or energetic action in a situation where this action is not conditioned by anything, in other words, it is the freedom of an unconscious choice.

    Since volitional reactions occur unconsciously, as a result of chemical reactions occurring in the body, a living being cannot bear any conscious responsibility for its actions. A person has self-consciousness( soul), an organ external to the body, capable of observing and evaluating the body's reactions. It is the presence of self-consciousness that gives a person free will.

    Free will is an opportunity for a person to influence their will, to limit the manifestation of undesirable and nurture new desired reactions. A person is able to extinguish some reactions at the moment of their appearance, but most often long ascetic exercises and training are required to cultivate the will.

    The presence of free will imposes on a person responsibility for their actions before other people and the Creator of the universe.

  8. Kudryavtsev,well, so-so argument. you are over-insured in it both in terms of the intangible and in terms of qualia. neuroscientists, quantum physicists, and philosophers are struggling with this question, and you are just one or two and done. how to understand the immaterial disappear and appear on their own? the scientific approach does not apply to this. and qualia?I know everything about an orange, I'm a biochemist, but I've never tasted it, and when I ate it-how do you know that this feeling appeared on its own? as for consciousness, we don't know anything about it at all. Recommended reading: Lanz's Biocentrism (quantum physics).

  9. You can prove it in different ways.
    I prefer proof through the existence of inventions.
    Look here: an invention is something new that didn't exist before. If there were no freedom at all and no one else, then a person would not have the opportunity to create something new. After all, if all people were not free, then their actions would also be not free, i.e. rigidly conditioned by something. And a conditioned action cannot purposefully create something new. But nevertheless, inventors purposefully create something new, which means they have at least some freedom of action. And if there is freedom of action, then there is also freedom of will.

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