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  1. Elementary! If you are wearing a regular hoodie or sweatshirt with a print, for which you gave 150-200 bucks — congratulations, you did everything right, you can now “explain to everyone for the clothes”. After all, nothing will make you cooler than fashionable clothes, a young icon of the bl*t style!

  2. Personally, in my opinion, the originality of a thing has nothing to do with its hype. Let's say you don't have to choose between a 50k original and a 2k Chinese windbreaker. In the first case, everything is clear. You go and buy orig for 50k. In the second case, you can go to the market and buy yourself a windbreaker, but it will be terrible. And for the same money, you can buy a stylish replica of your favorite brand, which will be no less hype original. Fortunately, such sites of high-tech gear as this make it possible to dress stylishly for cheap.

  3. The more often you see the brand name in fanciful public posts, the better. Oh, yes, make sure that the clothes are soaked in China as much as possible and as cheap as possible. Congratulations, here you are our hero in anorak supreme x palace x Stone island for 2k. Of course, this is the original, just other fools charge more

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