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  1. If we talk about the scientific side of the issue, then both sexes appear simultaneously. It is meaningless to talk about the female or male gender at all in the absence of a second sex that is complementary to the first. So the answer to your question is “no, they couldn't”.

    Another thing is that there are different ways to determine gender.

    Fish have a variety of ways to determine sex. Birds have a heterogeneous female sex, while mammals have a male sex. The fact that the male Y chromosome is an evolutionarily damaged X chromosome does not mean anything particularly dramatic for humans.

  2. Theoretically, anything is possible, but who told you that the first Sapiens was a male? Perhaps it was a female…

    If we take the hypothesis of the divine origin of man, everything is simple: as the Almighty willed, so it turned out. But any scientific theory has not yet given an exact answer, which was earlier: an egg or a chicken, a man or a woman.

  3. I will immediately warn you that everything that follows is a very brief and popular presentation of knowledge from the esoteric doctrine. I ask those who absolutely cannot accept this due to their ideology or taste, let them refrain from commenting.

    Humanity is now at the midpoint of its fifth race , the Aryan and the fifth subrace. The name doesn't matter. Naturally, if the fifth, then there should be 4 and 3, etc.

    Humanity has undergone significant biological changes in parallel with the changes ( evolution) of flora and fauna since its appearance on earth as the first indigenous race.

    Mankind multiplied in accordance with the principles of reproduction in nature. After all, a person is an animal physically.

    This is neither the time nor the place to go into details. Suffice it to say that until the middle of the 3rd root race ( 18 million years ago), humanity was androgynous. The individual showed signs of both sexes. By the way, the Jewish God is also androgynous.

    In the middle of the 3rd root race, there was a division on the basis of gender, and since then, humanity has been reproducing in the way we know. Before that, there was a different method of reproduction. I think that should be enough.

  4. In the Russian newspaper for 2018, an article appeared that the male chromosome is degraded and may disappear, although in millions of years. That it is not very necessary for fertilization, and the female chromosome is enough for a person.
    If this is the case, then perhaps the Y chromosome is older than the X, and it was gradually replaced by the female chromosome? After all, it is not for nothing that many geneticists believe that the Y chromosome is an incomplete X chromosome. And all the mutations associated with extra Y chromosomes are not mutations, but atavisms. Maybe the biblical story of the first Adam's creation has some foundation? You just need to look at it from the point of view of genetics.

  5. A man and a woman in human form appeared at the same time. Before the appearance of humans, many similar beings were created, far superior to humans: demigods, gandharvas, demons, etc.

    This means that people have only inherited the principle of male and female. It also means that man is not a product of evolution, and far from the most intelligent in the universe.

    Source: Bhagavatam Puranah.

    PS God, the only source of everything is the original man, and the woman is his energy. To create and populate the universes, he places a secondary creator in each of them (this position is called Brahma). He's also a man. The scriptures tell us that he first created sentient beings from his own mind (this is the immaculate appearance of sentient beings). He also sometimes conceived children with his wife.

    Among the living beings produced by him, as well as the progenitors of living beings, there are cases when living beings were born from the seed of a man without the participation of a woman, as well as with the help of special fire rituals (yagyas).

    A woman is compared to a field, and the more chaste she is, the more suitable she is to cultivate the seed. Also, the chastity of men directly affects the quality of semen. Lustful sensualists are not able to produce high-quality seed. And promiscuous women will not be able to reach the full potential of a high-quality seed.

  6. Strange question, though!
    Muzhichina in the singular! – not “appeared” (well, there is no uncertainty), but created! – for life in Paradise, and it is the image and likeness and result of the activity of its Creator. His name was given to Adam. After that, a woman (Eve) was created.
    They were both sent to Earth from Paradise at the same time after certain events: the conception of the first “uncreated” by the Creator by Eve, and thanks to Adam, took place in Paradise. And it was on Earth that they multiplied further.

  7. No, they couldn't. The sequence in the texts of the holy Scriptures emphasizes only the primacy of the informational masculine principle in relation to the material feminine in the process of the act of creation.
    For example: “In the beginning was the word”, “As the father (information) creates, and the son (matter) creates the angels”, the primacy of Adam by the time of appearance in the text, and so on.
    In fact, first the drawing (information), and then the processing of matter in accordance with the drawing. First thought (“word”), then action on matter.
    You won't be fed up with just one word, you won't be able to chop wood with an axe drawing, so no, they couldn't.

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