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  1. so I have a question, why are you all so drawn to the other world?

    “and what will happen, and what and where?”

    We will all die in due time, EVERYONE, live and enjoy life and do not think about what will happen, the time will come to have time for the next world.

    Let's not go into all the religions that people have invented for a moment!

  2. Ecclesiastes 9: 5, 10– ” The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing…(just as we didn't exist before we were born, so we didn't exist after we died. The dead are unconscious).”..because in the grave where you will go, there is no work,no plans, no knowledge, no wisdom.” All feelings are related to the work of the brain. At death, the brain stops working and the person does not feel anything. But all is not lost. There will be a time when the dead will be recreated by the Creator and they will have the prospect of not dying again, here on earth.

  3. Another life. All over again, in different conditions, in a different environment. In a different capacity. Oblivion of the past life. Childhood, adolescence, youth, youth, maturity, old age, death… And then a new cycle.

  4. at least the body will remain, this is the basis for pagan beliefs that the body should be given those honors that it is necessary to give to a person (during life), further, it is said that there is a soul, it is immortal, it seems to be an autonomous entity…

  5. A person cannot get “nothing” or go “nowhere” after death. If he ceases to exist, as if he never existed, he will not be able to realize that he is “nothing” and “nowhere”, and this is not a big deal. No pain, no remorse, no passion, no memories, no feelings, just rrraz, and you're not there at all… if that was the case, no one would be afraid of death. So why is everyone so afraid of dying? The fear of death is not a fear of agony or pain, sometimes death is more merciful than, for example, a difficult birth or illness. The fear of death is the fear of what lies beyond. This is something beyond people and try to propitiate, praying, doing good, or trying to run away(did anyone really succeed?) And people do this instinctively, completely regardless of their mentality, or faith, or customs. Disappearing after death isn't so bad, so why isn't there a single nation or religion that believes in disappearing after death without a trace? In addition, it is precisely modern science and technology that proves, albeit unwittingly, the possibility of the eternal existence of the soul. For example, a program that is capable of development and self-study. She lives in the computer for a while, but now it's starting to fall apart. Was she doomed to die? You can copy it to the data cloud and then install it on a new computer. Maybe our personalities are unique programs, and there is a Paradise where disembodied souls live in the clouds, waiting for their bodies to be repaired by a great master and programmer? The Bible says that bodies that have died will be restored, that even the hairs on people's heads will be numbered. It was very difficult for a person 200-300 years ago to imagine such a thing, they could only blindly believe. Now people are slowly learning to clone living things, and the creation of Eve from Adam's rib has somehow been reinterpreted. One thing is still difficult for us to imagine. The creator. They say that He is similar to us, because He created an image and likeness. But people have gone very far from the image, and few people want to be like it, if for this you need to let yourself be crucified. That's why we don't see It.

  6. True, we are all so different , we are not only biological creatures of nature .
    There's something about all of us that says that we are us , that I am me, not you .

  7. In general, it is not fashionable to be a believer. I do not know if there will be something there or not. It's hard to believe. As Brodsky wrote: “I believe in emptiness. it's like hell, but more fucked up.” That's why people believe in life after death.

  8. The modern world is awash with silly theories. For example: there was a void and something came out of the void. It appeared by itself. Or: everything is emptiness, I am also emptiness. The theory of linear time in the same piggy bank.

    None of these theories are confirmed in practice. Time is cyclical-spring-summer-autumn-winter, morning-afternoon-evening-night, etc. Where did you see something come out of the void? Stupid idea.

    On the other hand, there is the law of conservation of energy. There is such an energy called “consciousness”. Just because you don't know how it transforms after death doesn't mean it disappears.

    With the help of scientific methods, you can neither prove nor disprove the existence of the soul and the afterlife. Scientific methods are based on rather rigid principles and are not applicable to many phenomena in our world. Despite this, scientists do not want to deviate from the once established research methods. Science methodology (the science of science) has long exposed the inconsistency of these principles. So look for the answer to this question not from scientists, but in another place. For example here youtube.com

  9. I, as a true believer, can only say that you are going the right way, even if you are interested in this issue. “After all, there can be nothing” led many, including famous ones such as R.Atkinson, M. Tyson, M. Jackson to a simple answer. I advise you to go further.

  10. There is no universal value of a single human consciousness, so that for each dying person a place is prepared in a certain posthumous space. Human life is valuable only in human society, and here we could say that only human society has created teachings that promise people an afterlife, but we simply have nothing to compare them with.

    As far as modern science (and even modern philosophy, for the most part) understands it now, human consciousness (and all the functionality that the ancients assumed for the “soul”) is a product of the work of the human neurohumoral system, and there is no reason to believe that it exists longer than this system functions.

  11. That's just it, it can. And this simple idea inspires terror in a person, pushing him to religions and all sorts of occult practices that promise eternal life (for a significant donation during life, of course).

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