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  1. I listened to it.

    • The contentious claim is that liberalism has to impose itself
    • It is a controversial statement that perversions are the core of an ideal ideology.�
    • It is a controversial statement that liberalism is freedom not for something but from everything.
    • It is a controversial claim that liberalism protects the interests of the minority from the majority. More precisely, a complete forgery of concepts, the “power of a minority” is declared.
    • The ideology of human rights goes against human rights, foundations, traditions and freedom” – a phrase with a tightly beaten logical component.
    • It is a controversial claim that human freedom leads to nothing. More precisely, I do not agree with this at all.
    • The economic crisis is a consequence of liberalism-an unconfirmed claim.
    • The crisis of liberalism on the face. Debatable.
    • “Liberalism requires alternatives, and fascism and communism and nationalism are not attractive.” Oh, it's so sweet to leave out only authoritarianism without naming it. After all, it is so convenient when changing the global paradigm.�Stability is our everything, yes)
    • “Liberalism in agony” -a wild feeling of de ja vu.)).

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