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  1. A great example about dinosaurs, we wrote in the answer earlier. But people have something similar. How much racial harassment there has been and still is. People with dark skin, still in many parts of the world, feel the pressure.

    I think it is worth considering the question of whether humanity could unite in the struggle for leadership or even survival?.. there could be a lot of prairies here already. More likely is a variant of some kind of alliance, where there would be several types, and everything would be divided almost equally, within the framework of political decisions. Sooner or later, any evolutionary development of an intelligent being would come to a civilized society, as far as possible.

    This is again true if one view doesn't beat the others/others.

    But this is all not accurate)

  2. If only absolutely all (!) living beings had a “human mind”. then the second animal species that sprouted from the first would inevitably enter into competition with the first. Of the four species of Homo sapiens, only one has survived.

    How humans could get along with intelligent mosquitoes, tapeworms, lice, fleas, moths and other parasites, as well as predators and livestock, I can't imagine. %)

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