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  1. Suddenly, it doesn't collapse, only for a previously formed reason. That is, collapse, if it is possible, will manifest itself as one of the properties of the universe, its potential. Just as the self-organization of matter into living things is a property of the universe. Therefore, even after the collapse, there is still a non-zero probability that the universe will open up again as a result of its inherent eternal potential, and the living will again self-organize from the inanimate. I like this logic: if something has already happened at least once, then the probability of repeating it is greater than the probability of something that never happened.

  2. It will cease to exist! There are only metodefinitions and those who metodefine things by broadcasting. On the one hand, there are only dead things and those who carry existing things live, and collapse from this position is considered as the end of the formed-artificial-world, and everything that is ugly, which served to objectify ,will live.

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