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  1. Faith in a personal god is indeed a stage in the development of human consciousness. You won't find a single line in the New Testament that calls you to believe in God. But there are a lot of lines about morality. In fact, this is the teaching with which the next messiah came. This time to the Jews.

    A person who grew up out of theological diapers replaces the word faith with the word knowledge. Faith, in principle, will always accompany a person in his spiritual development. Faith in sincerity, honesty, for example. Into a person in the end. Not a selfish belief in oneself, but a belief in the divine nature. The word “divine” is not here used in the sense of a theological personal god who is angry and rejoices, bestows and punishes. such a god is a fantasy of a person who does not know how to explain (yet) the surrounding nature and human relations. Divine – this means a high moral, ethical and conscious dominant in the image of someone who has a free will. But there is no religion higher than the truth, and never will be. To know it is the goal of human life.

  2. Faith is a property of the psyche and the most important need for the mental organization of the individual.

    Faith is the energy of the soul's life, it is an imperceptible, subconscious supporting structure for our feelings and even emotions.

    All religions are united by the main thing-an implicit, non-verbalized or indistinctly verbalized sense of personal involvement in something Great, Common to all co — religionists — which means that it unites and gives a sense of Belonging to a Great Community and through this-a life-giving and healing Sense of security. And the anthropomorphic figure of Almighty God the Father adds a sense of Fatherland. The gender ascribed to God adds an important sense of Patronage for women (a sense of belonging to the alpha male) — the atavistic feeling of being a member of a monkey pack.

    All these feelings, whether elevated or low to varying degrees, are vital to the being who embodies the peak-the point of growth — of the higher nervous activity of the social being that is Homo sapiens. And at this point of growth is not only Reason, but also Morality. That is, we must put Science and Culture in the same team. The mission of this team is to carry humanity to God (the further and higher-the more People will become like God).

    I tend to combine religion and culture into a common cluster – “culture”. I consider the main meaning of culture in all its diversity (including religion) to be the formation of a moral and ethical (including legal) culture. social structures, systems of spiritual values. Hence it is clear that as an atheist, I pay tribute to the religions of the world as the most important mechanism for the formation of mass ethical values, in fact, the mechanism for the formation of a Person from a Monkey, the formation of humanity and altruism from the laws of the pack.

    Since basic religious concepts have become ridiculously unconvincing with the rise of modern science and culture, it is necessary to create a modern, viable and productive religious doctrine.

    I consider Soviet socialism with the idea of God — Communism-to be an example of such a successful experience. Social and philosophical sciences in the USSR are quite comparable to theology, but they are designed for a much more developed intellect and spirituality, which were intensively developed with the help of school and educational political work. I saw it, participated in it, and confirm it. that the work was effective, and the faith was real, fervent.

  3. First of all, in yourself. Otherwise, it will be impossible to make any choice, and without this, knowledge is impossible. When I speak of self-belief, I mean my immortal Soul, not another chosen body and life.

  4. Well, first you need to at least deal with the first one. And of course, you should understand that faith is not an acceptance of what is a Higher power, God the Creator or the Cosmic Mind (who learned what). Faith is the only driving force in this world. And only we give it a vector. It's like a hammer. You can build a house, or you can punch your head in… But you can put it under the cabinet leg so that it doesn't swing

  5. But was there a stage before belief in God (gods, a higher power, whatever you want to call it)?

    Your question would be logical if humanity really went through such stages. But humanity has always believed in God, and there are no prerequisites for it to stop believing.

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