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  1. This is logically impossible, because the entity making this proposal thereby appropriates to itself the disposal of the memory of me, which means that in order to achieve justice in the event of consent to this, I must re-assign to myself this possibility of this being and dispose of its disposal, which means that I will not disappear from history and memory, since my presence in history and memory will again

  2. Yes, I would agree to disappear from this world, leaving no memories or information about myself in various dossiers, archives,websites, so that all the consequences of my actions would disappear.As a result,my life is still gray,I don't like the rules of this world, and I don't like the structure of this world either.

  3. If you were offered to write off 50,000 rubles from your bank account painlessly and without a trace, erasing them from the history of banking operations and from the computer's memory — would you agree? So I always respond to such suggestions by sending them to a three-letter address.

  4. I would agree.. probably in exchange.. for what only? Everything has its price for us. And my experience, I hope, could be useful to someone. So you need to listen carefully to the conditions – what can you offer in return, for my insignificant but tangible footprint on the Ground?

  5. If it didn't affect the current lives of my family and friends, just like I was there and disappeared, but no one would remember me, then – yes, I would agree.
    Life is beautiful, I do not argue, but there is always this “but”.

  6. Definitely not!!! Let them say that our souls are reincarnated again and again in other organisms, but THIS life is one!!! Yes, I've had a lot of trials, I've made a lot of mistakes, but it's never too late to fix everything!!! Just do not say that this is not so – who will say, he probably just did not try… I'm 46, and I think I only started to understand myself after I was 40 – so what? There is still a lot of time to realize what I saw in myself now. And, by the way, they seem to have seen the changes in me and started helping me out a lot – in small ways, of course, but it's very noticeable. A broken biography, long-term problems with work, money and personal life – all this has not gone away, but the problems are gradually disappearing, interesting people appear from nowhere, who suggest reflection and change…

    And, most importantly, I realized that my teenage dreams of self-realization have not gone away anywhere – they are alive, no matter what, and I just have to try to make them come true until the very last day of my life. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done, and you can “disappear”… )))

  7. Of course, the vast majority of people eventually disappear without a trace. Only the most outstanding people who have done something significant, both good and bad, remain in memory: politicians, scientists, writers, composers, military leaders. Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Nero, Caligula, Genghis Khan, Batu, Alexander Nevsky and Suvorov, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler remained… you can't count them all. But Chikatilo remained, and Herostratus! And on the other hand, Pushkin, Lermontov, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Gogol, Tolstoy, Repin, da Vinci, Aivazovsky, Lomonosov, Einstein, Newton… and you can't count them all, either. There seems to be a lot left, but in percentage terms, a tiny fraction of those who “sank into oblivion”. It's tempting to stay, but not like Hitler, Nero, or Chikatilo. Best of all, as the creator of something significant for humanity in science or art.

  8. No. I wouldn't agree. What for? For what? It's like you have to hate and despise yourself to erase it from history… On the contrary, I would like to exist, enter into someone else's memory and fit into history.

  9. No, of course not. I'm happy here. I'm interested. I enjoy my existence (even when I experience the pain or agony of change). It is still much more pleasant to exist than not to exist. I'm responding.

  10. Quite, why not. Why did you give birth? Why were they forced to live? Why did you go to school? What did you work for? And the family on what? What about voting in elections? And the books you've read? Well, what the hell was all this for? It would be better not to be. Everything was done to be like everyone else and like everyone else. Joined the crowd of customers. They imposed payments and taxes. Pay and pay out. The country needs employees and taxpayers. Except that no one asked me if I wanted it all. What is all this for? What's the use to me? Where is the joy here? They also call me a parasite. They threaten you with prison if you don't work. Some kind of slavery. Is this really life? So what's next? Disabled or homeless? Do you need this life? Here, take it. There's nothing to treasure here. And there was nothing to love. Garbage heaps and mud games.
    I live for my family and for the sake of my children.

  11. I would have refused. And in general, why does someone decide so radically?
    Yes, it seems that many people can be “erased”
    Lukyanenko showed that in principle it is not so difficult.
    But how can those who remain live later, especially if they know what they can offer to many?

  12. No. And for two reasons. The first is faith in God. If I came along and I'm still living relatively well, and I've been saved by Him several times, it means that my existence has meaning, and someone arranged it all. That is, in fact, I have no right to dispose of my life. So let Him handle it. And the second reason is me, a curious person. I am interested in philosophy, history, making some forecasts, and I wonder what will happen in the near future (ten to fifteen years). People don't last forever, and neither do presidents. I really want to know how the country will get out of all that is currently being screwed up.

  13. I would probably agree. I loved being a flower and a cat.. Don't bother anyone. It's still a living entity… This is an honest answer. Please, if I don't understand your question correctly.

  14. No way! I want to contribute to someone's life, give someone good emotions, I love being photographed and remembered.

    It is very difficult to make such an irreparable mistake after which most people will have a bad memory of you, I have not done this yet and those who are dear to me remember good things about me.

    I am a happy person and I want to give happiness to others, so when I think about this question, I get quite scared.

  15. Yes. It's great that my family will not worry and will be able to continue to live peacefully on, as if I never existed. I won't be able to give them anything good anyway, I'm only hindering them with my existence, and the fact that they love me makes it even harder for them to tolerate me. This would be a solution for both me and them.

  16. Yes, I agree, I won't even think about it. At least the world will be cleaner. Of course, my friends would start to dissuade me, but this is really the best option

  17. Like in Lukyanenko's “Draft”? Of course I would agree))) You will not need to go to work, give loans to one friend who begs all the time)))

  18. Since I am not a prominent person in the history of science, culture, or any other industry, I will naturally not feel any discomfort from this. But I don't agree that people close to me will erase me from their history and memory. First of all, they will not succeed, because I made a significant contribution there from my side. And then, ” It would have been just plain insulting to me.

  19. Of course, yes. After all, what can a 15-year-old lazy idiot do for this world, who has made so many blunders in his life that even Dyatlov and Akimov nervously smoke on the sidelines?

  20. No way. Life is a gift from God and this gift must be earned. When a person is born ill or with a bad fate, this is a consequence of his previous deeds in a previous incarnation. When all people begin to understand that life is one-in one body, and in fact there can be many bodies, we will all be happier.

  21. And here you don't need any consent. Nothing lasts forever, and time erases everything. Even the pyramids don't last forever. So it's not worth the hassle. And if someone suddenly wants to disappear painlessly, go to a country where euthanasia is allowed, having previously bequeathed to cremate yourself. And everything will be tip-top.

  22. You won't be able to delete anyone from your history. A person will inherit so much in his life that then the next generations will have a long time to figure it out.
    As for me, I left my mark on my daughters and a little bit on my granddaughters. And I'm proud of it!

  23. Here, without any suggestions, we will disappear a hundred or a hundred and fifty years after our own birth. Unless in some documents the names will remain. Painlessness is certainly tempting…. The rest is commonplace. In extreme cases, we know the names of our great-grandparents. Then-as it was not.

  24. No. Because even if I personally want to disappear completely, there are other people, and not all of them have only bad things in their memory. And I have no right to take away their good memories.

  25. Yes, there is nothing interesting or exciting in life. Everything that brings some emotions, feelings is a real self-deception or a game of consciousness. People, especially in Russia, act as working “meat”. I understand perfectly well that I will not become a pioneer, a successful scientist, in short, I will not change the world, and I don't see any other reasons to exist on Earth.

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