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  1. The biblical motive here is so obvious that it is even strange to explain it.

    The main character, Paul Edgecombe, is a prison guard, but essentially an executioner, and his job is to execute people using the electric chair. He is the personification of Power. A ruthless and inescapable power.�

    John Coffey is a huge Black man with the soul of a child and magical abilities to cure people of any diseases. That is, it can work real miracles.

    Fatal circumstances bring these people together in a prison unit called the Green Mile. Although Coffey is found to be innocent by the middle of the novel (or movie), Edgecombe is forced to carry out the sentence.

    Similarly, Pontius Pilate, the Roman procurator, a man of great power who decides whether to execute or pardon, as a result of a combination of fatal circumstances, sentences Jesus Christ to death by crucifixion. Jesus performed miracles and was innocent of anything, but like John Coffey, he was unable to resist the World's Evil and ended his earthly life on the cross.

    As punishment for their actions, both Pontius Pilate and Paul Edgecombe were sentenced by Higher Powers to immortality. Well, or to live so long that their lives became a curse.

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