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  1. Freedom is loneliness.

    I believe that freedom can be called the possibility of conscious choice. So, of course, I cannot disagree with Dostoevsky.�

    However, we are all somewhat in the framework. We have desires and needs that create need. You want to buy a particular item, or visit a particular country. You are serious about implementing your plan. Obviously, you have a job, and therefore circumstances that bind you. You will no longer be able to sleep until twelve o'clock in the afternoon, and do only what you want to do. �

    We are always dependent on weather conditions, circumstances, laws, work, and our relationships with our loved ones, no matter how carelessly we talk about our rights and freedoms.�

    Anyway, I believe that there is no absolute freedom.�

    Each of us has the freedom of conscious choice when it comes to certain specific life circumstances. However, we will have to answer for the consequences of this choice only ourselves.

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