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  1. Right now, the Chinese Communists (who believe in Mao), the Vietnamese Communists who believe in Ho Chi Minh, the Cuban Communists who believe in Castro and Che, and the Korean Communists who believe in the Kims immediately took offense at you))))

    It's not a question of worship. In religion, the object of worship is immaterial, and actions are based on divine revelation. Communism, on the other hand, is built on a very clear and concrete materialist logic, where there is no room for assumptions. Religion insists on its uniqueness and uniqueness. Communism insists that it is a system aimed at achieving the public good, the best of the existing alternatives. Religion does not allow cooperation with the antipodes. Communism is ready to cooperate with the bourgeoisie in order to achieve high goals for the people. And paradise is given for merit, and communism is built with one's own hands.

    So the analogy is completely inaccurate.

  2. This is an ideology, unlike religions, based on science, common sense and as a result of work – a “bright future”, here on earth, in life. Of course, with their heroes, staples.

  3. Yes, in fact, it is a quasi-religion, with its own holy fathers, holy relics, holy books, ministers, objects and objects of worship, rituals, the concept of a righteous life, non – possessiveness, the primacy of Spirit over Matter-and so on, including its own inquisition. Communism as a “bright future” is an analog of the Kingdom of God on Earth, promised by the Bible, where everyone will be equal and happy in the same way. In general, “there is no God but Marx, and Lenin is his prophet.”

  4. Communism is an atheistic delusion, but not a religion. Marx, Lenin, and Stalin were idols, but not “gods” (in Christianity: don't create an idol)

    people who believed in a utopia called communism believed in this illusory system without understanding genetics: the animal nature of human bodies.

    Communist ideals can be pursued as an unattainable horizon, but the egoism of our bodies ' gene memory will always show its animal nature to some extent.

    But in which direction of spiritual development humanity goes in that direction it changes the spiritual and moral consciousness of people and the influence of society is very great, sometimes stronger than the influence of the family.

    The evolution of a society's consciousness is an extremely slow process, taking centuries, although individuals can change faster.

  5. You confuse the concepts of “religion”, “ideology” and “profanity of science”. Communism is a scientific doctrine that proves that the natural result of the development of human society is the absence of private property and the socialization of the means of production. Under certain historical conditions, this teaching has become an ideology, that is, a system of views on the structure of society that exclude a different point of view and do not require proof, which, indeed, is similar to religion, but differs from it in that the goal set was considered objectively achievable by the forces of this society.

    And maybe everything will be free, but for this you will have to work as the miners of Donbass and metallurgists of Magnitogorsk worked in the 1930s.

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