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  1. Strictly not. There is no God in Buddhism. You're your own teacher. Therefore, Buddhism is a religious and philosophical teaching. A Buddhist cannot say ” I believe.” He'll say, ” I know.”

  2. Everyone determines for himself “to believe or not”, which is a religion, and which is a sect or a philosophical teaching. For me, the Russian Orthodox Church is a greedy sect of scammers, and Islam is a terrorist organization, but for some they are the absolute truth and faith in salvation. I consider Buddhism to be a religion of appeasement based on the principle of “my hut is on the edge”, a kind of way to escape from reality and not solve the problem that arises , but accept it as inevitable.

  3. Of course not. The point is not even in the signs of religion, but in the fact that Buddhism is based on the teachings of the Buddha, and the teaching itself involves finding your own path to enlightenment and everyone is looking for it in their own way. In Buddhism, there are a lot of directions, often very different from each other, and they are all essentially correct, they are just different roads leading to the same goal. Therefore, some areas of Buddhism are really similar to religion and fit the definition, and some are more like philosophical inventions. You can't just generalize them and call them a religion.

  4. Yes, that's right. Because there we are talking about interaction with a certain reality that is unknowable in ordinary ways, in the existence of which, accordingly, it is implied not to doubt.

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