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  1. If a person is programmed at birth, then it is no longer a person. Even Christianity with the concept of Predestination insists that man has (real, not simulated) free will, which even perfect angels do not have. And no adequate scientist (and not a popularizer like R. Sapolsky) will claim that a person is completely deprived of freedom.

    And then everything is simple: if there is freedom, then there is choice, consequences and randomness – which means that happiness and unhappiness depend on a lot. Both from personal actions and from the context. Including from our unconscious beliefs (for which many simply do not allow themselves to become happy) – but this can be changed in personal psychotherapy.

  2. The program according to which animals act is instinct.

    A person who has received self-awareness and free will cannot be subject to any program. Is it possible to program a state?

    And happiness is a state of consciousness or psyche.

    I am sending the author to the poem “What is happiness” by Eduard Asadov.

    It ends with the words : “And happiness, in my opinion, is simple. It can be of different heights: From a hummock to a Kazbek, depending on the person!”

    This is the truth. It's different for everyone.

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