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  1. Well, if you keep in mind that reality is not really what we perceive it only with the help of our senses, then yes, it is a matrix.

  2. There is an ancient ideology, which is already about 6000 years old. So she's just saying something like that. A summary of the essence is as follows.

    If we use the proposed terminology, as was already noted above, we live in a “matrix” that is formed in our consciousness, according to our 5 senses. The meaning of what is happening, from the point of view of the creator of the matrix, such as nature, the creator, the supreme governing force (it doesn't matter what to call it), is just to get out of it, and not endlessly stay here without suspecting anything. To do this, it is possible, in a certain sense, even necessary, and for this you do not need to die. Rather, on the contrary, it is essential to do this in life. Only everything is not as simple as in the famous movie, where it is enough to take a pill. This is a complex emotional and psychological work on yourself, in particular, on your perception of the surrounding reality, the nature of your own desires, as a result of which an alternative causal logic of events appears and is realized. The moment of the beginning of the described perception is defined as-the emergence of the 6th sense organ, which has an immaterial nature of perception and in this connection does not disappear with the biological death of a body that has just a material nature. Through this 6th organ of perception, a person becomes able to see himself and not only himself, as it were, outside the “matrix” while still being able to remain in it.

  3. In reality, humanity lives in an artificial world, as everything in it is also artificially created. This does not apply at all to the concept of the matrix, but rather to dependencies, such as religions, esoteric teachings, theoretical fundamental science, as it calls itself, and the concept of the matrix. All of them have nothing to do with reality and the artificial world and are both a manifestation of the mind as a means and tool of the type of rose-colored glasses-dependencies through which reality, understanding and distortions of the world are distorted.

  4. It depends on which side to look at and in what terminology to argue. The theory and apparatus of M-theory are quite suitable for your question. It tells about the holographic origin of the three-dimensional world.

  5. Maybe we do! How to refute the fact that we do not live in the matrix? That's right in the matrix about which there is the same movie “The Matrix”… In the matrix and the film about the matrix is so that there were no suspicions, so that everything was plausible… In any case, you can not take everything at face value and accept reality as it is, because everything is very doubtful… I would say the question of the matrix is a powerful stumbling block!

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