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  1. Yes, and probably Thomas Hobbes did it first. In “About the Body”, he warns that philosophy, firstly, will not help in finding the philosopher's stone, and, secondly, is godlessly boring, at least at the level of basic knowledge about it. Nevertheless, Hobbes actively promotes it, arguing that philosophy is really our natural mind, just collected and put in order.

    The fact is that philosophy is really boring at the level of obtaining the necessary basic knowledge. Nevertheless, they are necessary in order to be included in the philosophical tradition, which is not only a corpus of texts and established norms, but also ways of productive philosophizing. For example, this basic knowledge for many philosophical schools is formal logic (or some other kind of logic).

    We can say that in philosophy, before becoming a freelance artist, you need to learn how to create colors.

  2. It is not for nothing that philosophy is called a boring science, because philosophers have written and still write their works in a language that is not clear to the general public. The study of philosophy is also tedious, because it gets bogged down in details.

  3. Everyone is different, and everyone has different tastes and interests. For some, indeed, philosophy is a rather boring and incomprehensible reflection on life. But there are people who eagerly learn it and see in it a lot of discoveries, wisdom and understanding.

  4. Well, yes, there is such a point of view. Perhaps from the fact that it is not easy (disciplines). Isn't math fun, not boring? But that, of course, should not detract from the merits of both of them. Although there is still hope that interest in it will increase over time, since it is not separated from other sciences, and besides, they all need it.…

  5. Boring math, finance, statistics, etc. Otherwise, everything that you don't like. If you have a philosophy in you, it will be exciting. What do you mean by “talking”? You in one form or another put (puzzled. Not “uncle” puzzled, but you ask yourself) the question “why is there something, and not vice versa nothing”? Everything. You are inside philosophy and inside the most difficult (but fascinating) business-thinking “with your own head”. Thinking for yourself is always difficult, but you get a lot of pleasure from it.

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