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  1. I'm often called weird. 🙂 I do not know how many times I have heard this from different people, but it is always said very kindly. Therefore, much will depend on the context and intonation of those who call you that. And in general, this concept can be interpreted in two ways. If it is from a good point of view, then it is strange as well as unlike anyone else. The person wants to report that they haven't seen such unusual people yet. 🙂 Unusual in a good way. If from a bad point of view, then strange is not at all clear and some do not fit in at all, with whom it is better not to intersect. Who is more likely to cause negativity with their oddities.

    And yet, I have long noticed such certain patterns or something. :)) For example, often (not always) for a non-creative person, a creative person can be strange. It is difficult for a non-creative person without imagination to understand how another person can have such a rich imagination. 🙂 So the second one for the first one might seem strange. How strange it would seem to him that someone has such a rich inner world. Also, for an extrovert, an introvert will often turn out to be strange. 🙂 Well, etc.

  2. Strange is not bad. This is a very flexible word. Depending on the tone of voice, the sentence itself, or the message that you want to convey, strange can be perceived in different ways.

    Strange is someone who behaves differently, has different views, which may seem unusual in a particular community. A strange person is a person with some special habits or “habits”.

    But usually the word strange is applied to a person when they don't know enough about them and only because they behave differently, maybe a little detached and all that. Personally, I was always considered strange behind my back, as were my friends, but this is only because we live in the provinces and not everyone can understand our views on many things or our reluctance to communicate with everyone with whom we have to. In general, strange is not bad.

  3. All people are strange in some ways. Each person has something that seems unusual to another, surprising-strange. But this word can carry both a positive and a negative connotation.�
    For example, “Do you like to spoil other people's things by pouring juice over them? You're weird” – in a bad context.
    And vice versa “Do you like to offer all people juice? You're strange” – in good…maybe.

    To understand exactly in what sense this statement is used, the intonation and facial expression of the person who says this to someone helps.

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