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  1. I believe that Thanos had a noble goal-to help with overpopulation of humanity. But such a method as he chose is not humane. And just killing isn't humane either. It is best to stop the problem in the bud, namely to prohibit giving birth to many children, as in China, for example, it was that you could only give birth to one child, and pay a tax for the second. This is very reasonable today, when there are 7 BILLION people on Earth. Read Malthusian theory, also about overpopulation. In general, you think why on our planet all the time there are wars and epidemics. It's not an accident. Namely, to maintain a balance, but now people have developed medicine, they have begun to maintain peace, and everyone is multiplying at a huge rate-because of this, HUNGER, POVERTY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS and much more. Think about my words.

  2. And why he should be right , a great mission, humanism in its purest form . He likes to break and smash, then cry crocodile tears. With all the powers of the universe at his disposal, his motto is the simpler the better .Such underdeveloped jocks and in ordinary life enough.

  3. You can spend a long time considering various options and ways to solve the problem of overpopulation. But this decision of Thanos is very interesting to consider from a moral point of view.

    To do this, you need to set up a situation in which it becomes necessary to choose one of the options. You can judge for a long time, saying that everything will come back, or that it is not humane. But imagine a situation in which there are no other options, and only half of them can survive, or all of them will die. Here is a moral problem worth considering: does this half have the right to stay alive, or would it be more correct for everyone to die (not from the biological point of view of the survival of the species, but by moral right).

    The very choice of who should stay and who should die causes such contradictions in the natural understanding of good and evil that it calls into question the need for the survival of a species capable of this cold-blooded decision.

  4. Thanos ' plan to exterminate half of humanity “for the good of the universe” resembles Hitler's totalitarian plan to exterminate the Slavic peoples “for the good of the German nation.” So only a madman can support such plans.

  5. Thanos is quite the anti-hero of our time. The anti-hero we deserve.
    Some will even call him a hero, “because he decided everything like a kid.”

    Take his motive to change the world for the better.
    If the best world is a world in which half of all life has been abruptly exterminated, then..
    go to Wikipedia and read about gamma-ray bursts. One such phenomenon, the flow of energy from which can accidentally become directed to the Earth, and half of all life on Earth will be destroyed. It is likely that one of them was already the cause of mass extinction on Earth. And how? Did it help? Does the sun shine better after cleaning up even more than half of all living things? Something all living things have multiplied rapidly since that time and the sense of mass extinction was probably less than zero. Or rather, even negative.
    To be honest, I doubt that fans of Thanos ' ideas have read this sentence, rather they hung up somewhere in the beginning and decided that some nonsense was written further.

    Then the whole logical chain of Thanos is even dumber.
    Well, let's imagine that some disaster or some clever guy killed half of all living things. From this, all the remaining living things will stop reproducing? For what? Life will suddenly change its code at the molecular level and self-copying will no longer be cool? And then what will be cool? The eternal life of what's left? Well, for the entire period of eternal life, all living things will still consume resources, and as a result, resources will tend to end. This is even if we assume that resources generally have an end. Just because it says so in a comic book or movie doesn't mean it's the ultimate truth.

    If we are talking about resources and their consumption by life, then..
    The entire universe, even without life, is moving from the Big Bang point to the heat death point.
    To think that life is harmful to the universe is like thinking that homeopathy works.

    If we reject the idea of heat death, then there is also the idea of the conservation of matter.
    According to this idea, the resources consumed do not disappear completely from the universe. They just go into a different state, a different appearance.
    It's like recycling garbage. Organic matter can become a source of gas, fertilizer, and animal feed.. Plastic, glass, and metals can be melted down and reused.
    Garbage does not turn into something that loses all meaning for the Earth. It's being recycled. Yes, not all of it. But this is not a problem for earth life as a whole, but only for those who do not want to deal with the problems of recycling.

    Thanos in the film clearly gets satisfaction from his activities.
    I understand that the education system in the former Soviet Union is increasingly leaving much to be desired. Therefore, I will say as it is: Thanos clearly has a whole bunch of mental disorders. Sadistic personality disorder and delusions of grandeur are traced.
    In movies, TV shows, and other moving pictures, mental disorders are shown as fun. Many people begin to think that having mental disorders is stylish, fashionable, and youthful. But this is just another trick for hamsters to get them interested in something and attract them to watch movies/TV shows/cartoons. Pathos and good mines in a bad game probably always worked flawlessly. People eat.

    In general, the character and its implementation in the film is frustrating.
    The main audience of such films is immature purely arithmetically. These are children and teenagers who absorb everything that catches their eyes. If you show them such films, but do not teach them systems thinking, logic and critical thinking, then we will get about the same stubborn Tanos who are fully committed to destructive behavior. If only someone else had taught them game theory as applied to real life.. But this section of mathematics will also reveal a whole series of absolutely idiotic actions of Thanos. The prisoner's dilemma, for example, leads us to believe that constructive interaction is more advantageous than destructive interaction. But the creators of comics and films about such “evildoers of justice” do not care about it from a high bell tower.

    I highly recommend that all fans of this character do not sleep during school lessons.
    And if the school is already in the past and it has not put systems thinking, logic and critical thinking in your head, then this is really a problem for you.
    Read books on these topics, watch online courses, read articles about them, and improve your knowledge of subjects that you didn't learn at school.

    Don't be brainless amoebas.

  6. Overpopulation is a temporary and local phenomenon. It is a consequence, not a cause of circumstances and troubles. It is not the only and not the main problem of preserving life. There is no global problem of overpopulation of the Earth.
    Genocide does not solve the problem, but rather aggravates it.
    Thanos is motivated by the failure of its authors. Its creators ignore the economy and demographics. Genocide in our world doesn't work the way the creators of Thanos imagine it to. It disturbs the balance, not puts things in order.
    Overpopulation is a very complex problem, and Thanos simplifies it to “living too much”.
    Thanos makes a mistake in his “simple calculation” and he loses. Morality in this case has nothing to do with it.
    Genocide is not an option. If the authors prescribe the opposite, then you should not take it literally.
    The pilot disappears, the helicopter explodes — how many victims are there really? The film shows that rukavitsa ignores nuances. The authors do not specify how the selection is made, how random, or what is taken into account.

  7. Thanos is such a comic Malthusian. There was such an economist in the 19th century, Thomas Malthus, who theorized about what uncontrolled growth of the world's population could lead to. Thanos, being a supervillain, was able to implement the Malthusian idea just by snapping his fingers.

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