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  1. I think that it will be appropriate to leave a link to the lecture here

    Stanislav Drobyshevsky's “Is Reason Unavoidable”.

    How did intelligence develop in the ancestors of modern humans? What was the impetus for the emergence of reason? Why don't other animals develop the same intellectual abilities as humans? In this lecture, Stanislav Drobyshevsky, anthropologist, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Scientific editor ANTROPOGENEZ.RU tells how the development of human and other animal intelligence took place, what factors determine its development, and whether an alternative development of the mind is possible?

  2. There is no full explanation yet. It is likely that it will never exist. But a satisfactory solution is possible.

    Currently, the theory of evolution is the closest to explaining the emergence of consciousness and thinking in the course of evolution in a satisfactory way. There are no other theories that would be close to this.

  3. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that SCIENCE can and should explain all natural and social processes. In its bosom, various theories arise, including those describing evolution. And if by the theory of evolution we mean only the Darwinian approach, supplemented by a synthetic theory of evolution. Then a complete and clear explanation is unlikely to be obtained. Since the phenomenon of consciousness is very complex, as well as human thinking itself is diverse (rational, irrational, heuristic, etc.). Accordingly, an interdisciplinary approach is required that takes into account different scientific approaches both to the person himself (and his consciousness) and to the understanding of evolution, which are not limited to the study of biological forms of matter. Such attempts are already being implemented, for example, by creating the concept of universal evolutionism.

  4. If we consider the phenomenon of self-consciousness in a traditional philosophical way (as the ability to reflect the external world on the internal one and separate “oneself” from “everything else” in this reflection), then the appearance of consciousness and mindfulness is quite consistent with the evolutionary theory: their presence increases the adaptability of the species. Thinking is a means of analyzing reality, and consciousness is necessary for goal-setting (without reflecting the world and separating yourself from it, thinking in the style of “how to change my position in the world in the right way” is impossible). Consciousness and thinking in combination with the will (which is responsible for acting according to the intended and contrary to reflexes) provide an opportunity to study the world, set goals, plan, and implement the plan, that is, in general – the most effective behavior in changing conditions.

    As for the MECHANISM of the appearance of consciousness and thinking – it's just too early to talk about it. When science clarifies the physical foundations of consciousness, then we will understand.

  5. Evolution just might. A creature with more developed intelligence wins in the evolutionary struggle, it is less likely to be eaten, because it knows how to hide and defend itself cunningly. It survives natural disasters because it can build stronger houses, etc.

    And a lyrical digression, Artyom, when will you realize that your religious faith does not contradict science and the theory of evolution in any way? Yes, GOD CREATED consciousness and thinking! So do evolutionary scientists. How long can you search for a problem where it doesn't exist?

  6. Not capable of anything. She is not even able to explain why the dog, having recovered, throws its” pretzel ” with soil, wielding its hind legs. Probably got to this point in the process of surviving.

    “Primal broth” can give birth to a thought in the future, just as a female crocodile can give birth to a Siamese cat.

  7. The problem is complicated by the fact that we don't know yet. what is consciousness?

    we've managed to describe it, but we can't figure out where it is.yes, you say-in the brain.

    But so what?) �Where is it? specifically?) what does it look like and what caused it?
    the devil only knows.

    However, religion itself does not provide an answer to this either. and if science at least tries to explain something, find the truth and understand how what and why…
    then religion doesn't try anything.
    Here it appeared and appeared. so the uncle ordered ( or uncles). everything that suits all believers. He so ordered and enough))

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