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  1. This question can be easily answered by any first-year economist.

    Money is not needed where there is a self-sufficient cycle of production and direct exchange of goods. In theory, in any village where there are producers of all basic jobs and services-from a security guard/defender and a firefighter to a farmer and a construction worker-you can create a closed cycle of life support, without any money.�

    But any such attempts will be immediately suppressed by the authorities that issue money: precisely because for the suzerain it is more terrible than the economic sovereignty of vassals – only the military one ) There were examples in the modern history of the Russian Federation, please Google it.�

    In general, any attempt at economic isolation is extremely harmful to those who control the printing press. Therefore, global globalization is being expanded, in fact, by the same characters who imposed a single financial system and currency on the world.

  2. Where there is civilization, there is money everywhere. You will not need them, for example, if you join a Kibbutz in Israel . There is almost communism and it will not matter how much you earn, the money there will fade into the background.

    If you remove the presence of civilization from your question, then for example, the Sentinelese live on the Adamantium Islands – a tribe that does not allow civilization to enter, they do not let anyone in at all, and accordingly there is most likely no money at all, they simply do not know what it is. You can also go to Peru or Brazil, where in the deep jungle you can find tribes that have not come into contact with our civilization, money is also not needed there.

    Finally, there is a Jewish proverb: Money does not require wisdom, but wisdom requires money.�

    (Money is not needed in a madhouse)

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