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  1. A confidence that I would very much like to be wrong about – I'm in my seventh decade and I won't get any younger with each passing day.�

    Gratitude, if anyone proves me wrong about this-follow me.�

    All the best to�everyone�!

  2. Truth is not provable and is found through faith and Revelation, rational, sound, unbiased thinking, experience and inner contemplation, analysis, heartfelt feeling, intuition, etc…
    It is impossible to prove that Pushkin is better in poetry than the latest graphomaniac. However, these are still obvious things..Well, you can doubt everything – the main thing is not to make doubt your constant criterion..After all, something little by little a person should discover and come to firm beliefs.Otherwise, he runs the risk of becoming a weather vane that runs around and looks at everything from all points of view.

  3. It is impossible to make mistakes at least in the existence of your consciousness, because if consciousness did not exist, there would be no one to think about illusory nature and this question did not arise.

  4. It is quite obvious that if Tyler Ivanovich had been strong in his faith and selflessly carried the message about the possible fallacy of everything that exists not only offline, but also analog, he would have already been expelled from the university and sent to a psychiatric clinic with a draft board, where all means of communication would have been taken away from him, and the world would have become a little better. And since we do not observe this, the conclusion is sad – Tyler Ivanovich is an erroneous theomist. Fake one.

  5. There is a priori and a posteriori knowledge, the first is true de facto, which means unmistakable or simply put-true, such as mathematics, to make it easier, then 2 + 2 will always be 4, but the question is different, maybe all this was imposed on you and in fact everything is a computer simulation, you don't remember how you were born and what was before you, maybe at night, while you sleep, they secretly turn you off and change the shape of your body, and maybe everything around is a Truman show, and maybe you are only part of someone's world…

    The main thing is to remember who you are in life, a sucker or a handsome guy, you can't be wrong about that for sure!

  6. In mathematics, there is a whole, I would say, class of proofs “Proof of uniqueness *”. It is always reduced to Boolean algebra, where there is only True and False, and operations on them. For example, simply using the method from the opposite, you can prove the truth of the truth. Type:

    True = true.

    Let us prove by contradiction: IfTrue=false, (from logic�not false = true) then not True = true a, so�not true = not false, because not false = true, and not true = true, so not true = true and not true = false, and�true = false. Got a contradiction.

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