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  1. The magnetic field is matter.

    The magnetic field belongs to the class of fields, all fields by definition belong to matter.

    We should not confuse matter with matter, which is a special case of matter.

  2. A magnetic field is a field form of matter. Generated by moving charges.

    It is characterized by lines of force that can even be visualized.

    Metal filings near the magnet line up along the lines of force.

    The Earth's magnetic field lines of force have the form:

    The Earth's magnetic field protects the surface from solar wind and harmful cosmic radiation, making it habitable.

    There is no doubt about the materiality of the magnetic field.

  3. Why only the magnetic field? Why do you separate it from the electric one? And the electric field in your understanding is matter?

    For more than a hundred years, it has been clear that the electromagnetic field is one entity. Its magnetic and electrical part of the relativistic manifestation are connected. Te is one field that flows from one part to another during Lorentz transformations.

    Don't you find it strange that a charged particle (charge) doesn't it lose energy when moving evenly? This is due to Lorentz transformations. There is always a coordinate system in which the charge is at rest and naturally cannot lose energy. But in the ISO in which the charge moves, its field moves in place with it. And around a moving charge (read current) what? That's right, a magnetic field. So it turns out that in one ISO there is no magnetic field, and in another ISO at the same time it is. This electric field was transformed into a magnetic field when the ISO was changed.

    Let us move along the X-axis. The electromagnetic field is transformed in components perpendicular to the motion, which in this case is Y and Z.

    Note how the vector components of the fields are connected. From Hz comes Ey, from Zero comes Ez. The same applies to the influence of electric components on magnetic ones. Set the hatched magnetic field (in a stationary ISO) to zero.

    In the case of small velocities relative to the speed of light, the formulas can be simplified by neglecting the small terms. We get:

    Here we use the vector product of the velocity, as is known for the velocity along X, it will reset the result along X and the result will be perependicular to the ISO velocity.

    Magnetic and electric fields are relativistic manifestations of the same matter. You can't separate the magnetic from the electric and vice versa. It is the same phenomenon, the same matter. We see it differently in different ISO systems.

  4. Due to the fact that in 1905 Einstein removed the ether from science, a whole series of absurdities in official science began. Ever since the time of Newton, at his suggestion, science has developed frankly delusional definitions and theories. The law of universal gravitation, the theory of long-range action, mass, force is not a complete list of either errors in the theory of knowledge, or a deliberate diversion of researchers to the wrong path of knowledge. And that is why such questions about matter arise. Matter is an ether that has no mass. Mass can be generated, and this is constantly happening in nature, thanks to elementary physical laws that are visible to everyone, but at the same time are deeply hidden under the incorrect interpretation of physical processes by modern science, which dogmatized the false truths that have been introduced into science over the past 300 years. That's why magnets attract, the earth also attracts us, at least so, in all seriousness, says official science. So the question arises, how many such blunders are embedded in modern science? Apparently enough, otherwise we still wouldn't be burning diesel and gasoline to achieve the goal of moving around. After all, nature somehow manages without foreign fuel, everything in it is in motion and is not going to stop. The magnetic field, of course, as well as the electric and gravitational fields, is material. There is no doubt about it.

  5. Naturally MP matter. But matter is weightless, that is, it has no weight, not mass, but weight in the usual sense for us. Due to the fact that fields interact with matter, weighty matter, we can unequivocally say that magnetic fluxes have momentum, and therefore mass. Otherwise, there would be no interaction and not one electric motor would work. This leads to a simple and logical conclusion that official science has not yet bothered to understand what mass is in the physical plane and uses this basic physical quantity as a dimensionless coefficient in the momentum formula without explaining its physical essence at all. Therefore, the question of the material nature of the magnetic field, as well as other fields, will constantly arise.

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