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  1. You can, Baghlan. And not only from “our” atheistic point of view, but also from “your” religious point of view. You can kill, and then dismember and eat (and even in the post). This is your choice and your responsibility – before the law, before society, before the relatives of the victim, before yourself. Unless, from “your” point of view, a certain responsibility to the imaginary being is also added.

    By the way, in secret, if you kill the killer, the brother will not be resurrected.

    UPD.: The wording of the question has been changed. I answered the question asked like this:�Can I kill the person who killed my brother, from your atheistic point of view(he was released)? Is this correct from the point of view of atheism?

  2. Atheism does not have a single moral position on this issue. There are atheist humanists who deny violence, and there are atheists who believe that murder is justified in some cases. Many atheists appeal to the right and the law – you can not kill, personal revenge should not go beyond the law.

  3. Good day.

    I offer my condolences to you, as you seem to be in a difficult state of mind after such a tragedy. It is extremely difficult for any person to withstand such a loss calmly, despite the views. But you, for your own good and that of your family, must keep away from these thoughts… The death of this person will not give you anything, except for even greater suffering. If you can't forgive, it's better to try with all the strength of your soul to get away from thoughts about him. There are various practices that are not related to Christianity (if you are far from the faith), which can somehow help to free the mind from unnecessary thoughts. After all, heart movements come from thoughts. If you don't think about the killer, then you will have fewer thoughts about killing him.. And from this you will find peace.

    If you are somehow inclined to Christianity, then I advise you to go to Church and ask God from the bottom of your heart to help you not think about your brother's killer. And God will help you gradually, if you ask Him heartily for it. In other words, this is the only way out of your most difficult situation. Otherwise, there will be even more evil.

    As for the point of view of atheism, I think you should not be guided by it in your life, if only because atheism closes the light at the end of the tunnel for people, removes faith in a better life, deprives a person of faith in the highest justice, which does not depend on human opinions. According to atheism, there is no God, there is no higher truth, and there is no conscience in a person as the voice of God calling not to do evil, and everyone has their own truth, from which murder can be regarded as a just retribution in your case. And accordingly, such an act will not cause a person a deep trauma, which will continue to torment him. But life shows a completely different picture. Very many people, even those who are not religious, tend to repent, tend to realize their low deeds from the point of view of morality. It is not uncommon for murderers to realize the gravity of their act, repent of it, and gain faith in God. By the way, Fyodor Dostoevsky described the inner drama of the killer very deeply in his novel Crime and Punishment. He also said in one novel that if there is no God, then everything is allowed.. And I totally agree with that.

    Therefore, I wish you to overcome these desires and find inner peace. God help you.. If you have any other questions, please contact us. I'll be glad to help you with something. I hope my answer will somehow help you come to the necessary conclusions. Hold on. Peace be with you….

  4. There are two aspects: legal and ethical. Everything is clear with the legal one, atheism is not atheism, it doesn't matter.�

    With the ethical, the situation is that atheists have no common ethics, since there is no common source of it. Everyone decides for themselves. Basically, atheists are cosplaying Christian ethics, replacing the divine source with “reasonable selfishness”, “public interest” and similar crap. This is understandable and logical, since we all come from a Christianized society, for which this very Christian ethics seems to be something natural, self-evident, “basic”, etc. There are hardcore deniers of Christian ethics who claim that they are kept from rampant only by laws, but this is mainly hormonal, usually passes in 20-25 years. There are fans of straightening the shoulders of Atlanteans, titans and other cattle who deny Christian ethics and even finally any ethics in relation to” bad people “and” cattle”, but are confused in the testimony about the relationship between” good”, which (relationships), of course, is also not free from ethical problems.

    In general, building an atheistic ethic is not easy. Basically for the same reason as in the joke – ” no matter how I collect, everything turns out to be an atomic bomb.” Here, too, oddly enough, everything turns out to be the same Christian ethics, only without Christianity.

  5. You can't. The desire to avenge the life of a close relative is understandable and normal. We are all human beings. But you don't need to do this anyway.

    There is a serious, fundamental reason why revenge killing is considered by society, and therefore by the law, as much a crime as any other murder. Imagine that a relative wants revenge for the death of your abuser and kills you. And another relative of yours will start taking revenge for you again. A healthy society cannot be built on such a foundation. Needless to say, this situation is not beneficial for either the society or these two families.

    That's how it all started for the classic:

    “Two equally respected families

    In Verona, where we are met by our fellow citizens,

    They are engaged in internecine battles

    And they don't want to stop the bloodshed.”

    And how did it end? Instead of a cute love story, it's all crime and 6 corpses, and in a very short period of time.

    So, I guess not. If you can't kill him, you will be wrong both from the point of view of the law and from the point of view of ethics.

  6. If you start from the law-of course not. Whatever he does there, he has already served his sentence and has the right to live and exist.

    Morally speaking, yes is more likely than no. I would probably do that.

  7. Your question is not worded correctly. What is atheism – a worldview (I think this is a simulacrum of a worldview, not a worldview-people deceive themselves) that denies not so much the existence of a deityGod, but generally denies all mystical ranscendentalimmateriallife after death. This view is better called materialism. Buddhists are also atheists, but they do not deny life after death and can think that there is also an immaterial existence. If we talk about religion, it is not just a belief, it is also a set of ethical/moral laws. In terms of certain religions, you can talk about whether it is right to avenge the death of a loved one or not. Atheism it is not a religion, it is an ideology that cannot form ethics/morality due to its limitations.�Therefore, it is impossible to talk about whether it is right to take revenge or not. I think if you think outside of religion, but in a secular way: do what you want, but remember the criminal code. After all, if he turns out to be dead (your brother's killer), suspicion will undoubtedly fall primarily on you. There is a high probability that you will split up and end up in the same place where your brother's killer returned from not so long ago. Ask yourself – are you ready to throw your life down the toilet for revenge? You can't bring your brother back, I don't think he would want you to end up in prison and break your fate, so calm down. Just think about what you'll get if you kill him. Satisfaction? Are you sure?” The thirst for revenge will not disappear, you will then spend the rest of your life taking revenge – chasing your own shadow, so to speak. In addition, the details of your brother's murder are not clear: it is one thing when the murder is in a drunken state, another thing is purposeful premeditated murder. There is a high probability that you will even be jailed for a more terrible term than the murderer of your brother. From the point of view of blood feuds, as is customary, for example, among the Caucasian peoples, of course, you will do the right thing, but whether the Caucasian peoples think correctly is an open question. From the point of view of Christianity (by the way, Islam too): a person has already suffered a punishment, give him the opportunity to repent. If he really is a failed person, he will find his death very quickly without you – he will go to prison a second time or they will do to him the same thing that he did to your brother. He will be punished by fate if he has not changed. You just have to live, observe justice and remember your brother with a kind word, but you should not take on the laurels of justice – it will end badly. I wish you to make the right choice and live a good life, and not spend it on revenge.

  8. The question was asked incorrectly. In general, atheism has no point of view as such. Atheists have no need to believe or disbelieve in the magic man in heaven, I have never seen him, and I have not observed his provable manifestations.

    The penalty for killing a person is imprisonment (if you are caught). I mean, you need to think logically and realistically, and not worry about deep “atheistic” points of view, that's why we are atheists 😉

  9. Anger and hatred are absolutely understandable, but on the other hand, how can you help your brother with this? If you are caught, you will be held in jail. And if his wife and your nephews need help and you can't, I think it would upset your brother more. Make time for your nephews they don't have a father anymore. They need an adult friend to help and guide them. I'm sure it's very stressful for everyone and children suffer the most. This world is very unfair and the myth of universal justice invented by religion for our peace of mind is very cruel. The world is full of filth and all we can do is try to be better.

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