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  1. The Big Bang Theory was one of the most beloved series, if not the most beloved, which in my opinion began to bend somewhere from season 6, and maybe even earlier. Then I watched by inertia and after a few episodes of season 9, I realized that this was no longer the series that I loved – I don't watch it anymore. It seems that in the area of season 4 and the middle of season 5, almost everything that can be squeezed out of the theme was squeezed out. Plus, the series was greatly helped out by the voice acting from Courage-Bambey, but they are not omnipotent either. But my other favorite TV series, Dexter, didn't really let me down until the very last episode. Right now, my current favorite TV series is Stranger Things and Silicon Valley is in second place – so far so good.

  2. The walking dead. I don't remember exactly which season, but Negan just showed up and killed two characters at once. And I'm like WHATOOH? For me, this series was too unstable emotionally.

  3. The anatomy of passion deflated after death after the death of one of the main characters, Derek Shepherd. Before the death of this character, many people had already died there, but this was the last straw. Continuing to watch the show has become extremely difficult. A ton of new characters that are no good at all. Before the character's death, the series was dynamic and interesting. And then you realize that because of this character, you watched the show. Of course, in the last (or rather extreme) seasons, interesting things happen with different characters, but in my opinion, after Derek's death, Meredith's life stands still. It is very much missed. The series should have been closed after season 11.

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