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  1. The universe is a constant mw of our solar system, i.e., our home. And planets and other objects are the tools that the universe uses to create the conditions of life for us. Something like human hands.

  2. It's exactly the opposite. On Earth, not an ideal system for supporting life, but life that has perfectly adapted to the conditions that exist here. If there is life (whatever we call it) on other planets with different conditions, it is completely different from life on Earth.

    And it doesn't make any sense. No one created the universe or life, and no one put any sense into it.

  3. The meaning of the universe is probably progress (evolution). The universe is changing and its future is uncertain, just like our lives. The universe once began and once will end its existence. Don't be discouraged! I think that after her death, a new one will be born, or the existing one will give offspring that will continue the lineage of the mother Universe.

  4. The universe ) Have you ever wondered what it is? � Inside � us �too � �universe , it is populated �many �creatures , some � can be seen under �a microscope , others do not , but they all � �live and work �on our � benefit �or �our � death , can be �believe in us �,and maybe � …universes ” are “everywhere, permeate each other, and intertwine in” the most complex ” ways. Inside �any � even �the tiny � ant �and bacteria also � �a �universe .

  5. The question can be considered from the point of view of “micro” and “macro”, depending on the typology of world perception. If we proceed from materialistic concepts, then in order for several “places” in the vastness to become habitable, a huge array of options is needed for nature to implement the “poke method”. The time spread should also be taken into account. Some planets are just preparing to become a mother, and some are just remembering their distant youth. But in materialistic concepts, it is generally difficult to talk about “meanings”. Since they are very difficult to combine with the idea of pre-programming the processes of World Production.�

    The idealistic approach allows either to abandon this question, leading it to the question of ” Whose Will works?”, or to talk about a lack of understanding of the meanings embedded by someone in something, or to put forward purely existential understandings from a loved one. It is difficult and long, To Each His Own. Again, the meaning in this case can be captured, but not immediately and not for everyone.

    Pantheism, like the idea of Co-creation of the World, allows us to compare the World with a Person. After all, each person creates not only good deeds, thoughts, words, emotions and meanings. A lot of “garbage” needs to be produced in order to get at least a piece of “gold”. And as above, so below. What is “garbage” for? Here we get into a vicious circle of reasoning, going back to the first paragraph, then everywhere, or we put forward theories of Co-Creation and Meanings either closer to the first(materialists), or to the second, or in attempts at synthesis, which is brilliant, but not everyone succeeds. It is possible that what is created in the World of Forms tends to the infinity of its diversity precisely in order to comprehend the essence of everything. The single essence of all infinite, seemingly meaningless forms thus produces self-awareness of itself. And this is a dynamic process. Co-creation of the World continues. All the best.

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