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  1. I have no such reason. I don't believe that religions can be true or false at all.

    And I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't think so.

    Take Islam, for example. Did its founder, peace be upon him, ever say that his religion is the true one? No. He said: go straight. And learn.

    Did the Buddha say that only he knows the truth? No.

    Jesus Christ-yes, he did. What did you say? (John 14:6) I am the way and the truth and the belly. I am. Not “religion”. Not “I know, but you don't.” And not just “truth”, but all together: no one will come to the Father, but by Me – and-no one can come to Me, unless the Father who sent Me draws him (John 6: 44) – what does this mean?

    This means that “the way and the truth and the belly” is here and now, go straight, there is no need to wander in the dark. The door is in front of you. ThisIT doesn't mean that everyone else is going the wrong way. They just haven't reached it yet (or they don't need to, their Father didn't attract them).

    Now, if you have already come, the door is open, the truth He smiles at you, and suddenly you start trampling around, making experiments just in case (or proving your faith) – then yes. Then there is “something wrong” with your faith – and perhaps religion–=))

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    Insert (08.05.21):

    Everything has its place and time, doesn't it? The very concept of truth, the assumption that something-religion, for example-can be true or false, means that verification is necessary. That is, in fact, an experiment (which is just not always called that). Truth itself does not need to be tested, there is nothing to test it with and there is no need to test it; on the contrary, it serves as a criterion – if it is already clear – a criterion necessary in any experiment. But it is not always clear – even to those who believe in it-or think they know it.

    What does “experiment” mean and when is it appropriate? In a broad sense, this is a comparison of one with another.

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    I. H. is a vivid example of the truth. Too bright, so many people relegate it to the level of truths that are dimmer. Was or wasn't. Spoke or didn't speak. God or no god.

    Let's keep it simple: do you see these letters?

    Come on, check it out again. And what does “see” mean, have you ever wondered? Are you sure what you're seeing and not something else? And what exactly are the letters? And when you checked it, how did you do it, does it even meet the criteria of scientific or so-so? Let's do it again, for real.

    So, what did that do for you?

    The meaning of truth is not to be sure that it is the truth. The meaning of Islam is not in Islam itself. The meaning of Christianity is not in Christianity.

  2. Religion is man's attempt to find God. The truth is determined by the result of this search. I have reason to believe that the result of my search is positive, the meeting took place.�

    Words cannot explain this, and it is impossible to prove it. I can only quote one of my favorite passages from the Bible.�

    “God is with us when we are with Him, and if we seek Him, He will be found by us. If we leave Him, He will leave us. For many years a person lives without the true God, without a priest-teacher, and without the law, but when he turns to the Lord in his darkness, He will let him find Him…”

  3. .. there is nothing like it in the religions of the world that is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord, He is the way and the truth and the life, … and no one else has uttered such words.
    … John 14: 6:
    “Jesus said … I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.
    …John 1: 1-17:
    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    It was in the beginning with God.
    All things were made by Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.
    In Him was life, and life was the light of men.
    ₅ And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overtaken him.
    There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
    He came as a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all might believe through him.
    He was not the Light, but was sent to bear witness of the Light.
    “There was a true Light that enlightens every man who comes into the world.
    ” He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world did not know Him.
    He came to His own people, and His own people did not receive Him.
    “But to those who received Him, to those who believe in His name, He gave authority to become children of God,
    ” who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
    And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father.
    John testifies of him, and exclaims, ” This was he of whom I said that He who came after me was before me, because he was before me.”
    “And out of his fullness we have all received grace for grace,
    ” for the law was given through Moses, and grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

  4. Christianity and Islam are side religions of Judaism, that is, first there was Judaism, then Christianity as a Messianic sect separated into a separate religion, and then Islam founded by Muhammad on Jewish teachings, which gradually became more and more separated from the parent.(as an example, initially Muhammad prayed in the direction of Jerusalem, but then he began to pray in the direction of Mecca) But in general, despite the fact that I consider my religion to be true, I also respect representatives of any other religions

  5. Raising the question is illegal. No one should have to prove the truth of their religious preferences to anyone.

    Unfortunately, this is mainly the sin of representatives of Islam and Christianity in an eternal dispute, most likely with their subconscious, considering apologists of another religion to be infidels!

    Do you remember the phrase “loyal Leninists”? This is also the case, since Lenin and his comrades were building a new religious society based on the religion of Marxism – Leninism.

    As for Judaism, Jews do not consider themselves entitled to criticize any confessional trends, so as not to be accused of missionary activities that are prohibited in Judaism.

    In the religious sense, for a Jew, neither Islam nor Christianity exists, because they came from the bosom of Judaism, and what they learned from Judaism does not matter to Jews!

  6. All the religions listed above are true and lead to God, but not every one is suitable, for example, for you personally or for me personally. That's the point of diversity. Usually, a person finds himself in the tradition that is more suitable for him personally, and makes the wrong conclusion that all other traditions that are not suitable for him personally should be declared false. This misconception is at the root of all religious strife. But God is always one.

    There are three criteria for determining the truth:

    1. True religion aims to develop a person's love for God. Always. If a religion aims at material enrichment, elevation above others, power and glory, or anything other than love of God or anything that promotes love of God, it is a false or distorted religion.

    2. The presence of holy people is proof by example. Just as proof of the effectiveness of a complex of sports exercises can be a person who has achieved high results thanks to this complex. Or, as proof of the profitability of an investment, a person who has become rich on a similar investment can become rich. In the same way, the holy man shows us the results that we can achieve by doing the same things that he does.

    3. Personal experience. You need to start following the instructions of the holy books under the right guidance, then you can evaluate your own results.

  7. There are no untrue religions. For any religion is nothing more than a bond. That world with this world. All such statements were usually punctuated by crusades and mass murder. Congratulations – you have the beginnings of a worldly dictator. I am an adherent of Christianity. But I cannot prove the truth of this religion. And I don't want to. But when the time comes-trouble will come to the house, pay attention-who will be the first to extend a hand of help to you? Or it will support you when you start to fall. Ask him about this very thing!.. So that religion is really true and not extreme)

  8. The basis for Orthodox Christians is the simplest. The Lord God Himself told us, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Who else would say that? Think about it. Either a madman, or Satan, or God Himself could say that. Was our Lord Jesus Christ mad? This can be inferred by studying His earthly Path, from the Gospel. Was Christ Satan? This is also mentioned in the Gospel. The Jews, in fact, accused Him, saying that he performed miracles by the power of the prince of devils. So there is only one thing left – God. I will not give any other proofs of the truth of Orthodox Christianity, as there are too many of them.

  9. All these religions are not false, but profess a part of the truth. Because the fullness of truth is probably not available to mortals. But Christianity still has a little more truth than the other major religions. I'll try to prove it.

    1. Christians unite with God. This is not found in any other religion. But this is the aspiration of all people. Only by becoming a deity will a person calm down and be saved. go to heaven. But how can there be billions of deities?- And Christianity has its own “knowhau” – hypostatic fusion.

    2. Christians participate in the creation of the next world after the present one – the Kingdom of God. Otherwise, what's the point of people at all? Why does God communicate with us?- so that people somehow help Him create. To do this, people need to be deified, sanctified. Christ makes people holy by his Sacrifice.

  10. And why, each of us often considers ourselves to be smarter, stronger, etc., than others?:))

    Overestimated self-esteem, excessive self-confidence, banal arrogance, unwillingness to take into account the opinion of others, giving out your own opinion as the ultimate truth, etc. etc…

    I think he said something else. 🙂 And the roots and causes are the same in both cases!

  11. Interesting question. Originally, Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all people who believe in the same God. The only question is that the details of the teaching have changed. For this reason, Judaism for Christians, Judaism and Christianity for Muslims are not” false”, but outdated, non-upgraded versions of religion.

    Buddhism, strictly speaking, is not a religion at all.

    As a result, either paganism or outright heresies created in an attempt to organize “their own Christianity with blackjack and …” are recognized as false religions.In a sense, this also applies to Christianity-Islam, and for Judaism – both Christianity and Islam.

    Why are they recognized as false?

    Paganism is, again, strictly speaking, not a religion per se. Paganism is the recognition of the presence of many gods. Some of them are their own, some of them are strangers. A striking example here is the Vikings, who believed in Odin's companions, but understood that in the lands of the Greeks, Odin has no power, the Olympians rule here, which means that you can sacrifice to the Greek gods – and then plunder the temple, and quickly dump it under the protection of your gods.

    There are no significant moral values, but everyone believes in what they personally like. If you want to do nasty things, pray to Loki/To Velez/Morane/Aida. If you want to have sex indiscriminately, declare that it is for the glory of Mokos/Freya/Aphrodite/Venus. If you want to kill , well, that's how you worship Hades/To Ares/To Mars/Odin/Thor. Underline what you need.

    That is, in the pagan worldview there are no moral foundations at all, there are no significant beliefs, unlike monotheistic religions.

    Sects are generally something made for the sake of their own power, and there is no smell of truth there.

  12. when the world fits into the Procrustean bed of consciousness, something inevitably falls out. If there is a more or less clear answer to the question of the meaning of one's own life in relation to its place in the world,then why look for the best from the good?A religion that does not meet people's needs ceases to exist for them. It's another matter what their requests are.

  13. A normal Buddhist, not a representative of the folk-magical idiocy based on Buddhism, knows that arguing about God is a pointless waste of time. Gautama believed that it does not matter if there is a god at all or not, and if there are some supernatural beings, they are also part of the wheel. The only thing that matters is self-development. If a person is helped by faith in God, then let him believe, if the denial of God helps, then let him not believe. But alas, his thoughts are too progressive even for our time, what to say about his centuries. And so his teachings were distorted by magic and other rubbish. And meditations, instead of training the mind, became spells or prayers. And worshipping him as a god means that this person does not understand the teachings of the Buddha at all. The world is full of suffering, people are full of desires, and their desires cannot come true without creating even more suffering. And in this wheel of eternal pain, humanity is forever spinning, pushing itself on this rack. Let people believe their god is true, if they act wisely, the Buddhist will even be happy for them.

  14. The question is not quite correctly stated.It would be more correct to talk about which religion has roots and borrowings in other religions, and which is a revelation of God.This can only be said about Christianity because all pre-Christian religions got along quite tolerantly.In the Roman Empire, all religions and spiritual practices, even the most bizarre, had equal rights,and only Christianity was outlawed.Why would that be?All this is due to the fact that the truths that Christ provided were completely new and, to put it mildly, not clear to the religious consciousness of those times.The most fundamental truth told by Christ, that God is love, was completely unknown to the world, as well as many other things.Paul wrote:”We preach Christ (God)crucified – a temptation to the Jews,madness to the Greeks.And even the popularizer of scientific atheism F.Engels once wrote “Christianity, having emerged, came into sharp contradiction with all the religions that had existed up to that time”, which confirmed the inspiration of Christianity.

  15. Religion is false if, in the rank of God Almighty, they present their vain ideas about Him, regardless of the revelations of those who are personally acquainted with Him, bearing witness to miracles and signs about Him. Regardless of the prophecies about the future time long before it was fulfilled. For a prophet is then a prophet of God, when his word is fulfilled.

  16. In fact, your question already contains the answer – ….the foundation on which….This is what religious people say – ..our foundation, our religion, our prophet…etc.. But the Truth of God goes far away in such conversations.
    Religions are built on the external manifestation of service, so that everyone sees religiosity and worship of God . They mix in national traditions, names and everything that affects the human mind, but does not affect God in any way, as proof of Faith in Him.
    There is so little of God in Religion that if you do not remember Him, then in fact, people argue about their exclusivity, and do not discuss the topic of God's plan of Salvation, as a gift from God to all mankind, and not just to the “chosen ones”. For religions, the correctness of the text of Scripture, the date, or the name of a religious leader “respected” by people can be very important. For false believers, the phenomenon itself is much more important than the meaning and understanding of why God gave it to us(event, history,name), and what work the received knowledge should do inside everyone? Therefore, because of any careless word thrown at “religion” or “national prophet”, not only conflict, but also war can break out. With such an attitude to God, it is meaningless to talk about the Truth, because everyone who defends their religion is blind and deaf, who considers their opinion to be the ultimate truth.
    God and religion have never been the same thing. After all, religion arose when people lost touch with God. And so that they would not perish from their sins , God gave laws to Moses, for those who believed! And in those days there were believers in God and believers in their own understanding of God. And the laws have separated some from others.
    If you look at religions with spiritual vision, you will immediately see the destructive action of the enemy of God-Satan. It is Satan who controls religious minds, putting into the consciousness of the “false faith” your own exclusivity, or the spirit of pride, which is the main determining factor with whom you have communication
    ( God or Satan).
    ……John 8: 41,44: “You do the works of your father. Then they said to him, ” We were not born of fornication; we have one Father, God.” … Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he did not stand in the truth, for the truth is not in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks his own, for he is a liar and the father
    of lies…
    The destructive work that Satan is doing in the minds of proud religionists and performers of dry laws is reflected in the entire faith of people who are still deceived by the same Satan, deceiving that without religion and its mediation, communication with God is impossible! The result of such cooperation between religion and Satan has always been death!
    …the thief comes to destroy, kill, and destroy…(Bybl.)
    An example is the execution of people who have sinned according to the law. On the part of the law, those who fulfilled it did the right thing. But from God's understanding, the murderers were murderers! So they went against the law – DO NOT KILL! And this means that they themselves have broken the whole law ( for he who has sinned in one respect is considered to be sinning in the whole fulfillment of the law), and this means that he is a sinner, and the penalty for sin is death.! ( This is what the law says)
    Religions have dwelt on what the law says, forgetting that:
    …..All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, …
    (2 Timothy 3: 16)
    But since everyone has their own foundation, everyone has their own understanding of righteousness. This is the work of Satan, who divides believers and dominates their minds.
    And in order to somehow shake off this “fog” of misunderstanding from people's minds , God gave humanity a clear plan for Salvation and connecting with Him in His Spirit! And since God is not a human being, the only way to determine the right foundation for BELIEVING in God, not RELIGION, is to ask yourself : Does your faith give you the right to claim to be Saved ? Gives you the grace of God to communicate with Him without intermediaries, not only through knowledge of the laws, but also through the Spirit of God, which here on this sinful earth helps you accurately determine what is God's and what is human? Does your faith help you feel free and at the same time strong in order not to be led by human control, but to be able to control all your emotions, actions and desires, comparing them with the Word of God?
    The Bible says:
    …You believe that there is one God: you do well; and the devils believe and tremble.
    (James 2:19)
    So determine-what is the difference between you and the demons?
    And remember: God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!
    …For I am the Lord, and I do not change. (The Bible, Mal.3:6)
    Therefore, no matter how many religions old, new, or whatever arise , the only way to connect with God is to know His nature, character, and purpose.
    If you limit your life only to the fear of religion and its law, then this is very little for you and for God!
    …I beseech you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in one spirit and in one mind.[10] Rom. 15: 5. Phil. 2: 2.
    There is no religion that can prove its exclusivity either before people or before God! Someone will say, ” God will decide for Himself..”
    But God has already determined everything, and said:
    …According to your faith, let it be done to you! …
    Amen to that!

  17. On the grounds that “Islam” is not a religion, but an undistorted command of God.

    The Qur'an is about who we are, why we are, and what we should do.

    And all the other “religions” – they are distorted people instruct the messengers of God.

  18. On the grounds that our religion corresponds to the Scriptures and observable facts in nature and life. Isn't that what we should expect from a true religion?

  19. According to the Holy Scriptures, Jesus considered one religion to be true, and became the founder of a religion that his Father approved of. There were other religions in his time, but when Jesus addressed the religious leaders of his day, he said to them::

    “Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he did not stand in the truth, for the truth is not in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8: 44).

    According to Jesus, if a religion teaches lies about God, it does not serve God's interests. How do you know that God and his son Jesus Christ approve? According to Jesus, the Word of God, the Bible, is the truth by which you can navigate. Jesus in his prayer to God said:

    “Sanctify them through your truth; your word is truth” (John 17: 17).

  20. Not at all. I don't believe that Buddhism is true. This is just one of many ways to improve a person.

    In other respects, like any other religion, it is not absolutely true.

    My personal opinion is that when they say that it is his religion that is the most true, this hides a lie and a lot of other negative consequences for the person who becomes a follower.

  21. I recommend that you find out and start researching religions.

    As they say, everything is known in comparison.

    If you are wondering this question, it is very good.

    Perhaps somewhere in the depths of your soul you have a drop of iman (faith).

    And in-sha-al-lah I am sure, if you are able to think broadly and reflect, the Lord, he is Allah (he has 99 names *answer in Wikipedia), he is God in one person, who has no partner, who did not GIVE BIRTH and was NOT BORN and there is NO ONE equal to HIM holy and exalted will guide you to a straight path! Of course, only if he wants to!

    The whole secret of truth lies in the fact that it is hidden from human eyes, because we were sent to this world to be tested. For in paradise, in truth, will not enter just anyone, I beg your pardon.

    Just think about it:

    Christians – in Russia, almost every second person wears a cross and calls themselves Orthodox, but if you ask them who is your god? Or when was the last time you prayed ? Or for example, at least for what reason will people enter or not enter paradise? What will they tell you???

    Their answers will be very different because they do not know their religion very well. This means that they do not believe sincerely and remember God only when they feel bad,


    Indeed, Allah (may He be exalted and Exalted) has revealed many religions.

    Through them, He leads some astray and guides others to a straight path. And only one religion is true – Islam, without a doubt. I tell you this as a religious practitioner who once asked similar questions himself and was an atheist until an incident occurred in my life in which I could only rely on God. And lo and behold, I prayed to him and he immediately helped me, for truly Allah is ashamed to leave his slave empty-handed, the main thing is to believe that he will help, because at that moment I had no other choice but to believe. And then I became a believer, and oddly enough, I came to the truth. By the way, at that desperate moment, I promised that I would become a believer and never remember God again only when I feel bad, and lo and behold, I came to Islam, and immediately after I returned from a trip. I went crazy when I got back and found out that during this time my younger brother became a practicing Muslim and I asked him questions and everything fell into place. But to be honest, I had no doubt that La-Il Laha Il Al Lah (there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone). And then I began to conduct parallels, and study deeper, of course, by itself, Shaitan tried to lead me astray and doubts arose, but all doubts disappeared when I began to study religions and their differences. So this is a very valid question!

    By the way, you will be awesome (I'm not afraid of this word),

    But enter in the search bar of ANY browser On any device the query: – the best person in the world – and you will be very surprised and think.

    So just study it, since you asked yourself such a question.

    And if you have a big heart, you can tell the difference between truth and falsehood. It's very easy!

    Just run parallels, but the main thing is to study this issue well.

  22. What can I say if a person is too lazy to read the answer in the texts on their own?
    Probably like this: when you grow up a kid, you'll read as much as adults have read, and then you'll find out.
    In the meantime, do not be lazy, study, read, learn, work hard so that you don't give out freebies for honestly earned money later.

  23. Buddhism is not a religion any more than Hinduism is. This is a worldview. I suggest that you forward your question to representatives of religious denominations. I think different religions were just invented to push peoples ' heads together on the principle of divide and rule. But Hindus do not argue with Buddhists because they consider their teachings related simply in different languages. But unfortunately, there are figures who try to stick their noses in here, call them religions and cause discord between peoples.

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