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  1. They are able to co-exist in one person.
    A person can experience heavenly love for one, and sensual love for another. This does not mean that this person is limited, but rather the opposite.
    After all, heavenly love is difficult to comprehend, and, as a rule, it is unrequited, or it is simply impossible to exist next to the object of this love. However, we are all human beings, we all want warmth and support, hence the sensual love for other people.
    I hope you understood the question correctly.

  2. A crispy raffaello waffle hides the buttercream, which in turn hides the almonds. Can they co-exist? I think the answer is obvious.

    Yes, and Kafka is very clear: “Sensual�love�hides heaven; in�alone her�is not�could have been, but�because it�unconscious contains�an element of heavenly�love this�her�possible.”

    Simply put, there is already an element of heavenly love in sensual love, we are drawn to a specific person, we want to get to know him better, to feel him. The goal of sensual love is emotions, feelings, and not only and not so much pleasure. And this is how” sensual love “differs from “lust”, where there is only a need, and the partner is a tool for satisfying the need. Pure physiology.

    In short, yes, sensual love can co-exist with heavenly love. And no, if a person chooses sensuality, it does not mean that he is spiritually limited.

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