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  1. To hate or not to hate philosophy is entirely your right. Or are you going to read the answers to your question and then come up with a conclusion like, ” Wow, fucking philosophy! I hate her! ” or “Hmm.. Well, I guess the philosophy isn't so bad after all. I don't think we should cross paths with her.”

    Philosophy has always raised quite interesting and relevant questions even to this day. Studying the history of philosophy, you can trace how human thought has changed over hundreds of years. How the methodology of thinking and cognition has changed. There are absolutely diverse philosophers and philosophical trends – completely inadequate (in my opinion) or very interesting.

    Important components of philosophy are logic, rhetoric, and many other sciences. Therefore, by studying philosophy, you can learn to think logically and rationally, ask the right questions, and prove your point.

    But it seems to me that philosophy cannot be studied by force. Until a person develops a real keen interest in philosophy, the process of studying this subject will not give him absolutely no pleasure and, most likely, even make him hate philosophy. So here we are back to the original question.

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