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  1. a dilemma that has been nagging at me for the last two years (since I entered university). as a schoolboy, I chose a more promising specialty for myself. Coincidentally, I really liked chemistry. and so, after thinking about it, I finally decided that a specialty related to chemistry would give me a lot in all areas of my life. and besides, getting an education grant played a very important role here. because I think why study for a fee, if you can do it for free. (moreover, in many post-Soviet countries, the price for education is unreasonably high).�

    here I am, in fact, entered the chemical department. but interest in the specialty is slowly fading. and it just so happens that I'm crazy about general humanities subjects, and in my own more and more swim.�

    I thought about it for a long time, doubted if I had made a mistake in choosing my specialty. but then I came to a conclusion that I really like: “if I were a sociologist, I would never learn chemistry on my own (because it is very, very difficult); but being a chemist, I can easily master the basics of philosophy, religious studies and sociology.”

  2. Of course, you need to do what you like, but at the same time study what can bring money. For example, if you like to draw, you can continue to develop this skill, even if you understand that there is not much to do here (it would be better to go to the economist). If you develop both paths simultaneously (the art of design and management), then in the future it will be easier for you to create your own architectural school, for example. Than those who can only draw and can't get people together at all and pay their salaries and taxes on time, as well as know the basics of negotiations, or vice versa – a person is all a manager, but not in the tooth with his foot in modern trends on the plane of the arts.�

    And if you learn a bunch of Italian, and even with French – then you will not be priced, believe me.

    There are quite a lot of one-sided people in society who know only one thing, some of them are called “narrow specialists”. Many of them are unhappy, because they either work not in their specialty (read-spent 5 years at uni in vain), or they are forced to do not their own business, which is worse than you can imagine (here you can become a twitchy epileptic by your old age).

    In general, as President Putin said, do what you like. This way you have a better chance of becoming successful in this business. And where there is success, there is money and honor.

  3. This is a very difficult question, of course. A lot depends on your priorities. You need to understand what interests you more: self-realization and interesting work, or financial comfort and well-being? Of course, this is not so easy to understand, but you can try to look into yourself and at least approximately answer. If you are interested, first of all, in the second, I think you should enter the specialty where there is a high probability of quickly getting a job with good earnings and a great career prospect.

    If you feel that you want to realize what is inherent in you, enjoy your work, achieve a situation where you want to wake up as soon as possible and do your favorite thing, then you definitely need to enroll in the specialty that you like. It may take you a while to find a job with a decent salary, but what will be the prize? You will do what you like, work will never become a torment, a place where you languish until the weekend and vacation.

    If you answer at all, then I think that a person, most likely, needs to go the way that his inner Self leads. Otherwise, he will come to a situation where life will not satisfy him and will seem unsuccessful.

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