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  1. Full-time training at the Institute, it was necessary to take for a month. An economic university and theoretical teachers are ridiculous. Half of them were old-school students who still taught planned economics, while the other half were graduate students who both graduated from the same university and stayed there. For 4 years, there were literally four or five good teachers, everything else is just a background of noise. Sitting for hours at lectures that repeat the textbook word for word, senile seminars (“case law in Tatarstan!”), a diploma that was read only by me and my scientific director. Brrr.

  2. Full-time study at a university can be attributed to a loss of time, but with a “+ ” sign. Now, after graduation, I think that all the same this time is not aimlessly spent, although I used to think so. But depressive periods of varying duration are a real temporary loss. The last and so far the longest – 8 months. And if any activity, even if it is not too productive or interesting, does not imply a waste of precious days and hours, then during this time, it is lost, spent in complete oblivion, it is really excruciatingly painful.

  3. Computer games, damn you. As a child and teenager, I spent thousands of hours playing nonsense instead of learning math and history. During my studies at the university and after, I started playing less often, but sometimes it comes up. I hate myself for it.

  4. It started back in 2007 or 2008, I don't remember exactly… When I got home, there was an unfamiliar window on my monitor screen. Dad said, ” Now we have the Internet!”
    That's all. Since then, a lot of water has flowed away, and even more time has been lost.
    No kidding, if you weigh all the pros and cons of my online presence, even taking into account the daily reading and viewing of educational material, I lost time here, God forbid…

  5. The most striking loss of time in this period of life was the time without work last year. 3 months of hell, disintegration and degradation of the individual. They are not comparable to divorce, people who tried to take advantage of me, binge drinking… Nothing at all.

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