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  1. Religion was a “human-forming machine” and as such is the historical foundation of humanity.

    Religion has produced many works of art of universal significance.

    These are the most indisputable things that operate with religion in the narrowest sense. If the meaning is extended to faith in general, then you can list most of them, but then the controversy will increase.

    What will definitely not be on this list is morals, I believe that religion is more a consequence of morals than vice versa.

  2. while the world was a mystery to all aspects of life, religion led civilization. Sometimes it led to a dead end, increasing ignorance, and sometimes it gave benefits in the form of church education, which was the only one, since the sciences were still in their infancy. Stirling's priest engine, Mendel's monk genetics, Copernicus ' heliocentric system. And with the development of the sciences, for which explanations in the spirit of “God's will” were not enough, the aura of omniscience of religion faded. And how funny it has become to read now the statements of some stubborn believers regarding the encyclopedic nature of the Bible: “it contains all the answers to all questions”, this is already a diagnosis.

  3. When I discovered a certain range of previously unknown problems (individual autonomy, freedom from society, natural rights, etc.), but in general, thanks to sacralization and dogmatization, religions are always a brake on civilization, since civilization develops, and religion sits on its dogmas. And then it either has to stop civilization, forbidding and driving it into compliance with its dogmas. Or, when there is nowhere to go, to get away, as with the firmament, which has become thanks to the development of technology and science – already a vault. Because civilization has moved forward, and religion is being dragged along by force.

  4. Ivan.

    The question was scattered like peas on the floor, not understanding how everything can be collected without taking the garbage.

    Why choose atheists who have never delved into the essence of religion?

    What religion is the author referring to?

    A 50% sample of multiple responses is given, which must be characterized by qualitative characteristics.

    Similar questions are asked at the final exams of students in the Unified State Exam in order to lower their scores.

    First, religion is created exclusively for atheists;

    Secondly, nothing in the World is created without concrete benefits ( both for the servants of the cult and for the bearers of religious traditions);

    The third is the introduction to miracles ( healing of the blind, the lame, the deaf, various mental, neurological and many different diseases of the human body and spirit). A person will not go to church without special need, where you have to stand for several hours and listen to psalms.

    Fourth, fifth, and tenth – there are many reasons to introduce people of different intelligence levels, well-being, and social views who need support in various life situations.

  5. Hi hi))

    Of course it was)

    Religion, helped a person to live on. She gave answers to people(why do we live? Where did we come from and where are we going?), the meaning of life. And even now it does. Some people can't live without believing in something. Without hope, without the feeling that everything is not in vain, that everything has some meaning and there is someone who is always with them, the one who created them and helps them

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