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  1. The main drawback of evolution is its complexity, it is simply impossible to explain evolution in a “nutshell” so that the listener does not have any questions, almost no one can understand the fact that evolution is random, because the features of this randomness are not really explained, people begin to think that by evolution an insect can suddenly become a mammal, because mutations are random, so, it will not be possible, even after billions of generations. The randomness of evolution is very limited, and to better understand it, you need to delve into genetics. Thus, the organism has, although not a few, but still quite a limited number of ways of evolution, most of which are an instant dead end. So to assume that time was too short for the formation of such complex life forms as humans is wrong, there was enough time, while it is worth considering that the initial life forms evolved at a phenomenal rate. This also raises questions that can only be answered by an expert, and the expert himself will need some time to prepare, for example:: how such a complex organ as the eye and others appeared. And because of the lack of an expert at hand, people start to think that evolution simply does not have an answer to this question => there is distrust of the theory, although in practice it has already given positive results many times and there is not a single refutation of the theory that could completely destroy it.

  2. What are comrades theory and what are friends evolution!? What is it? The theory of inference is when some judgments are deduced from other judgments based on practical confirmations and/or rules of logical inference. The theory is preceded by a hypothesis that has received reproducible confirmation. And the evolution of a person is a development and / or change. So, someone somewhere created life in the laboratory? No! It is logically proven that life originated from chemical elements? No! And the development and change of all living things, i.e. the best adaptation to circumstances, does not prove anything in any science! Just as Newton's law has nothing to do with any laws and Newtons – both before it “bodies” fell to the ground and after it they fall! He formulated it (they noticed it before him, obviously)), okay, but he didn't create it!!)

    To summarize , the main drawback of the theory of evolution is that it is not a theory and has nothing to do with God's creatures!

  3. The main drawback is actually one-the theory of evolution, but we are talking about biological evolution, it refutes, by the way, creationism, which in turn negatively affects the income, oh, sorry, on voluntary donations, of a number of religious organizations. That is, everything, as usual, rests on “loot”.

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