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  1. stupid question, stupid answer and you can't buy a damn thing, because you don't have any money, since you ask such questions…

    those who have money, do not market they stupidly buy up everyone, although it's true, you can't buy the present, but you will buy a surrogate, and you will be terribly proud of it, but all this will still not matter.. because there are some things you can never buy…

  2. At the moment, there are many things that money can't buy.
    You can't, for example, buy life as such. That is, you can buy organs, some implants, drugs, etc., but if you are dead, then all the riches of the world will not raise you.
    ● You can't buy “real” friends.
    ● You can't buy “real” love.
    ● You can't buy any innate talents for money.
    ● There is no way to get faith in something, thoughts, opinions.
    I think the list can go on for a very long time.

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