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  1. Time and space are part of our world. If there is no peace , there is no time. So the question “before I created the world” is equal to “before I created time” and therefore doesn't make sense.

  2. Man is a rudimentary God. What does a person do? Whatever it is, Pushkin, Jules Verne, and Andersen created amazing worlds, and I enjoyed diving into them as a child and youth. Small children wherever they are, immediately begin to create their own worlds, climb under the table and say, “this is my house”, and no one argues with him, since everyone now knows that this is his house, stick out his finger, say “bang bang” and the other must fall, because he is injured or dead. When we read a book, all the passions occur only in our imagination, that is, spiritually, but now we have made a film based on this book, and there is less space for our imagination, but for that you can see everything with your own eyes, and this is already a bit of a material world, then a 3 – D film was made based on this book, and this is almost reality. Now imagine that you walk into a movie theater, go through a horseshoe, and they delete your memory, so you don't remember anything, and they tell you that you are one of the characters in this movie, well, like hypnotists do. And now you are no longer a spectator and listener, and this is no longer a movie for you, but a real LIFE, because you don't know anything else. That is why when God sends us out of the spiritual world, into this world, He puts a veil in our memory, so that we know nothing about our life in the spiritual world. And we start our life with a clean slate. And all that we need to know, God reveals to us through the Holy Scriptures.

  3. Developed to the level of a God. When I reached this level, I was able to create my own world. Similarly, each person has a chance to develop to the level of the Creator and create a new world.

  4. Before creating the world, God was always thinking: What would you do so that people would immediately understand that the Creator did it! And creativity is not accessible to knowledge, just what kind of paint to take, and where to put it?

  5. Medieval scholasticism argues that this question is incorrect because God created time along with our world, which means that there was no “before” world, because “before” and “after” are time categories. Here are such vicious circles!

  6. Hello.

    God is eternal, and He has no concept of time or place. His omnipresence is the Divine Light-the Grace of God, which is poured out on all created things.

    Time and space, people and Angels, matter and field, everything is created and not co-eternal with God.

    When was it created? God has no time. You can't ask when. Created and that's it. Just as the theorem follows from the axiom out of time, although it is proved by a person in time, so, moreover, the Lord does not create in time. Time itself is created by Him.

    On the icon, the Lord holds a book where the words of God are written. You can imagine the Lord holding the world He created like a book. One cover is the beginning of the world, the other is the end of it and the transition to eternity. The Lord says: I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. The beginning and the end are both in the hand of the Lord.

    Why or why did God create us? For love. That we may have a share in His holiness. There can be no self-interest in God. He is all-blessed and all-content, gives life to everything Himself, and needs nothing and no one.

    And the Lord wants love from us, not that we should fear hell or desire paradise, but that we should love Him, our Creator, and one another.

  7. I went to kindergarten, then to school. I graduated from the university. In general, they say that the idea of creating a world came to him in his first year. But he didn't have enough knowledge to implement it. So he studied hard and absorbed all sorts of knowledge in the libraries. Someone claims that before Mir, he had several failed projects. Others believe that the world is God's first creation. It is known for certain that he worked on this project for six days. They had been stressful, and they had exhausted him so much that he had simply lost interest in everything.

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