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  1. To become a superman, you need to learn to distinguish between reality and illusions. If a person sees only reality, then he has omniscience, absolute knowledge. He knows all the chains of causes and effects that lead to the emergence of any phenomenon. If he is omniscient, he knows what small actions will lead to big consequences. To learn to distinguish reality from illusions, you need to be aware of the reasons why illusions arise. They arise due to a distorted perception of reality by the mind. The perception of the mind is distorted by the mind's attachment to certain phenomena, when the mind singles out one of a number of phenomena and gives it qualities that are not present in reality. The most fundamental illusion, relative to which the others are manifested, is the illusion of a permanent Self. A person distinguishes a set of processes from the whole reality and gives this set illusory properties of independent existence. A person begins to feel that I am permanent, unchangeable, eternal. So a person restricts his natural freedom, acquires attachments. Therefore, the average person lives in the captivity of illusions, and the superman is free to live in reality. When an ordinary person's expectations don't match up with reality one day, they become unhappy. For a superman who sees reality without distortion, expectations always coincide with reality, so he is happy.

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  3. Become a human being. What for? That's why you don't become one, and if you did, you would immediately die of exhaustion. Becoming a person, first of all, Changes the worldview, worldview, vision of the world, goals and values, and, further, the question is not worth it, because these abilities are adequate to you to another.

  4. The question is not correct. What to do to become a human. We are born and live and die as animals, such as humans, without ever touching the human potential in Ourselves.

  5. The question doesn't sound right.

    How to become a human being.

    We are born Biorobots, programming ALL our limitations with the help of seven, then fixing them with a large family-society.

    This movement in a circle of one rake with a sense of loss of life, perhaps justifying itself with some ambition or calming down sitting under the table.

    Realize this and Choose to Step into the Darkness, REDEFINING ALL social and family truths.

    Gradually, this will lead to an understanding of the system process, which turns the system of personal ideas upside down.You will meet or create a group of like-minded people for the system process, for a systematic study of all the limitations. There are patterns to all this, and they can be described.

    From the moment you Select “miracles” begin. These aren't superpowers. These are not used patterns. All of them are easy to calculate and get keys. It is more important that they are not goals, but rather the consequences of a holistic and systematic correct process of going beyond THEIR own ideas and limitations.

  6. Superman, this is Maximus. All the best qualities are brought to the greatest strength. Intelligence. It's being trained. Knowledge. It accumulates. Experience. It makes money. Ethics. This is practiced. Skills. This is being formed. Personality. This is brought up. It turns out that you can always be and become so for your age.

  7. Since humans are not robots, the central question is the purpose of existence. The goal of a person can only be happiness in its two forms-the happiness of deliverance and the happiness of fulfillment. And happiness is a purely emotional and illusory category from the point of view of logic. Therefore, to become a superman, you will have to stop being a human.

  8. So much scribbling on this topic already. Superpridurkov already the whole earth-is it necessary yet?? Well, we'll try our best . This is so easy and pleasant for us. Cheer up, gentlemen .

  9. I do not know what a superman is, but what is a person according to Albert Einstein's characteristics : “A person is a part of the whole that we call the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He feels himself, his thoughts and feelings as something independent and unique, which is a kind of optical illusion. Such a delusion makes us live in an illusory world of our own desires, limiting ourselves to communicating with a narrow circle of people close to us. Our task is – – – to overcome the bone of thinking and embrace the whole world, in all its grandeur and splendor, “” The truth is hidden outside pisemen In signs and words do not pass the law To the heart turn inside and back To comprehend yourself to become a Buddha.” Bodhidharma. Buddha is the SUPERMAN!!! With respect.

  10. Science to teach, in fact, you know much more than you think and with mathematical accuracy you just have nothing to understand the mind is not created.
    Svehuman is not what you think, it is an evolutionarily determined level of development for a person, and not the largest of the list, and it has been achieved long ago and not only that, it is only a matter of implementation, you cannot implement it by professing struggle as a worldview and only that.
    Without self-education, and even religiosity, you will ruin the person in yourself, much more to become.

  11. If you want to become a Nietzschean superman, then you will not succeed, supermen can only be born.
    It's like saying I want to become a squirrel, you can't become a squirrel just be born.
    You're willing to do anything for an ambition: send thousands to their deaths like Napoleon or be a schemer like Cesara Borgia if not, then you're not superhuman.
    If by superman you meant a person of the highest virtue, then this is to Aristotle in his understanding, a superman is a person of the golden mean: he is strong but not rude, he is smart but not prim and bold but not reckless. Read Aristotle to understand who the superman is in his understanding.

  12. Technologies of transformation from a pupa to a butterfly have long been known.What would be from a monkey or biorobot, at least to become a human-Do not do to others, and do not even want what you do not want to be done to you.And never lie to yourself.Biorobots always lie.Biorobots do not recognize themselves as biorobots,and therefore they have no chance of becoming a human.For how can you become a human being if you already consider yourself a human being without being one? Well, to become a superman, technology is also quite well known to everyone-moderate asceticism, while again not judging anyone,and not biting not following your example, quietly meditate.Or hang on the cross without being guilty of anything.Or tell only the Truth,about yourself and others, not a word of lies,but at the same time you can neither do nor wish anything bad.And believe me, you will certainly be killed for this, which will automatically make you superhuman when you are resurrected.Everything is simple.But something tells me that you don't like these technologies,once asked.These technologies go through pain and labor.Apparently, I want someone to tell me how to find the magic button, so that chiku-chiku is also in the House.

  13. Read the yoga sutra, Patanjali. Very direct way. Especially if it is convenient for you to perceive the truth colored by such a character.�

    Or study Zen Buddhism. An even shorter route with proper attention.

  14. What a diverse question! No, in fact, the concept of superman can also be vague. Here you can easily see philosophical reasoning, but when I saw the question, I almost immediately remembered the Tibetan and Shaolin monks.

    In theory, by devoting yourself to such Buddhism, after many years you can reach an incredible level of unity with your own body and mind, while developing willpower, which most of the world associates with Shaolin, or achieve wisdom and respect for life, which, perhaps, more often people like you and me refer to Tibetan monks. Controlling yourself so sensitively that you slow down your heartbeat to a certain “stasis” is powerful. In this sense, it is a relatively realistic way to strive for the next level of development.

    But this is only one interpretation. You can become a superman at the “everyday” level if you have a strong-willed character, do not bend under problems or consider them a trifle. Although you will agree that the concept of superhumans can also be vague for humanity: look only at the comic universes, where in the same Avengers there are both a Norse god and a scientist who turns into a mountain of muscles, and a millionaire inventor with his costumes with a super soldier under the serum, and, in fact, just an archer and a spy-yes, excellent in their field, but�

    And there is such a wonderful manga as “Berserk”, the main character of which (and I'm not trying to retell the plot of the album of the Norwegian black metal band) was born, falling out of the womb of a dead mother, hung from a tree along with a dozen of the same unfortunate people, who showed signs of life at the very last moment, later raised by a gang of mercenaries, using disproportionate swords, Repeatedly, one of the main themes of this manga is called the struggle against “causality” or fate, which the main character leads, one might say, purely on willpower and an abundance of rage. This is a kind of exaggerated example, of course, but in real life it can also be found: people who were predicted to live for six months, waited for these six months for 20 years, and those who seem to never get out of bed, then run worse than some athletes.�

    Well, in terms of biology and all that, perhaps, in any way. For now. But after a certain number of years, some kind of testing of nanotechnology can go on, or there will be a breakthrough in bionics to the level of the Deus Ex prequels, and briefly become a superman until this phenomenon becomes widespread. You can also try to become a kind of hybrid of a computer and a person, losing your body – there seems to be such a theory, which Kubrick explores in a peculiar way in a Space Odyssey, that a being is an order of magnitude higher than us – one that does not have a physical embodiment because it is unnecessary.

  15. It's simple: “To do something special, you just have to believe that it's special.”

    If you want to cure people, doctors do it every day.

    If you want to fly, pilots do it every day.

    Want super strength/super agility/super speed-there are also quite a few athletes among us, even a person who goes to the gym or does exercises is stronger than an ordinary person.

    If you want superm-learn and do not stop in your aspirations and then you will be even cooler than fictional drawn characters.

  16. The superman is a false concept of Nietzsche, which he copied from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you know, Nietzsche was born in the family of a Protestant priest, knew the doctrines of Scripture, read, studied, he liked Christ, but did not like the Church, Christianity is something that is like a product of Christ, and he decided to draw a “new” line. Therefore, he transformed many of the ideas of Christ into his own philosophy. So did many, the same Marx with his deliverance of the proletariat from Egyptian slavery. The Bible is a unique book that gives a lot of food and ideas not only to the righteous, but also to the lost:

    Oh, the Book of Books! Who has not experienced,
    In its changing fate,
    How do you heal someone who has betrayed you
    Your tired spirit — to you!

    What poet, what artist
    I didn't come to you, loving you.:
    Jew, Christian, atheist,
    Everyone, everyone learned from you!

    And how many brilliant thoughts
    Invisibly merged with you:
    Through the glitter of your crystal pages
    We shine geniuses dreams.

    You are forever new, century after century,
    Year after year,moment after moment,
    You get up — an altar before a person,
    O the Bible! O Book of Books!

    You are the truth of the hidden secret,
    You are the revelation, you are the covenant,
    By the Almighty given to the entire universe
    For past and future years!

    V. Bryusov-The Bible

    What is the idea of Christ himself? This is not the idea of superman, but the message that through living faith in God, man can become a different creation, overcome his fallen and sinful nature, and overcome himself – this is the idea of superman. Batman, Spider-man has nothing to do with it )

  17. We must offer our hands to falling spiders. Are you interested in this? Want to become the X-man? But it's boring. You'll have to help someone all the time, and your baba will always be in love with some goblin… sadness…

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