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  1. In general, there are a lot of lectures, you can't re-listen to everything. From where to look: a lot of interesting things in the public pages VKontakte education, PHILOSOPHY | SCIENCE | CULTURE and lecture hall, as well as on the obvious onesArzamas andPost-science. From specific courses or projects – �I offer my own rather arbitrary set:

    • Course� “Philosophical Anthropology” by D. V. Polyansky from the BFU. Kant: for some, it may be too simple, but very sensible and sensible lectures on a whole range of topics that are somehow related to the philosophical understanding of what a person is: rationality, morality, freedom, death, love, and so on. By the way, BFU has its own channel�on YouTube.

    • HSE Philosophy course on the educational platform� A: I'm just starting to watch it, but it seems that everything is very cool for the basic level (and not only that).

    • Open Faculty of Philosophy: thematic blocks of lectures on current topics from St. Petersburg philosophical enthusiasts. Everything is free, there is audio and video recording, lecturers are ranked from “interesting” to “divine”. The project really deserves attention, but the level of entry for different blocks may vary greatly.

    • Philosopher's lectures�Alexander Smulyansky, including “Lacan Educational program”: very difficult, very exciting, insanely interesting.

    I do not recommend the PHILOSOPHER&I project, or at least I advise you to treat it with caution: for all its scale and systematic nature, it (in my opinion) offers a rather narrow and dogmatic view of the history and essence of philosophy. However, it seems that the course has now become paid, so it is unlikely that you will use it — if there are many alternatives.

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