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  1. That man is not descended from the ape. Can you imagine the evolution of a non-informational being into an informational one? Me, not really. Man is essentially a unique creature.

  2. Man is not an “informational being”: this is a misconception.

    Man consumes oxygen: but it would be a mistake to call man an ” oxygen being.”

    A person needs food: but it would be a mistake to convince yourself that, they say, I am a” garden creature”,” shop “or”restaurant”.

    Humans are most often involved in reproducing their own kind: but it would be a fatal mistake to trust those who insist that you are ” sexual beings.”


  3. The system of “communication with Higher powers” is based on the exchange of information. The main methods are prayer and sacrifice (in modern times – burning a candle). In general, if you look from the point of view of analysis, God understands only the language of deprivation, destruction and consumption – all this in the energy, of course, plan. We say we're wasting our energy. We make a sacrifice – we expend matter. Emotions are the catalyst for all this. Since, regardless of the knowledge, the law of conservation of energy applies in the world, this information will be compensated in the form of some expenditure “radiation”. So sometimes we don't get what we ask for in response to prayer. But the Christians wrapped it up in a formula: the ways of the Lord are not confessable. Christians and their derived religions/philosophies (like Islam, for example) are much more informative than Hinduism and Buddhism. More precisely, the difference between Christian philosophies is that they are externally communicative. And Buddhism is internal. Hence the emphasis on services, singing and bell ringing for the whole village, holidays. Now there is a fashion action that is blatant for traditional Christians: be baptized on the temple right in the middle of the street (although Christ teaches about the sacrament and concealment from demonstrative actions). Therefore, Christians are very much in agreement with the fact that man is an informational being and this greatly affects them, because this is the foundation of this philosophy and religion. well, the answer to the question itself: what does it say? Well, of course, because you need to pray more.

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