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  1. I think this is unprovable, meaning that what we perceive as reality may actually be a figment of our imagination. There is no way to verify this – it is a matter of faith, it has nothing to do with scientific knowledge. On the other hand, if we cannot recognize whether our world really exists or whether it is only a creature of our consciousness, then what is the point of distinguishing between these concepts?

  2. If you just want to get away from school or work altogether by asking these questions, you won't get that far.

    While mom and dad are feeding, you can, of course, live in a dream, but once you have to go out on the hunting trail and get your own food. So it's better to work with what life has given you.

    And in a dream or in reality, the body does not care.

    Because the body every day wants to eat and throw out the generated waste.

    So you have to find somewhere to get food, clean water to drink and wash. Yes, and it's cold to go naked, you need to make and sew clothes yourself, and if you don't know how, then at least find somewhere.

    In general, you need to work with what you have, and then life will tell you: dream or no dream.

    If this is a matrix dream, then the energy of your hosts will eventually fail and push you out of the warm, comfortable sleep of the matrix into the cold of reality.

    So it is better now to acquire professional skills for your hands, preferably in self-service and in the manufacture of everyday objects.

    Then, working with their hands, a person makes their brain smarter, acquiring new knowledge. And if he also learns to reflect and concentrate on the smallest details of his work and on the phenomena of Nature and the surrounding social life, then in any reality such a person will not be valued and will survive everywhere.

  3. A very exciting video from Tatiana Chernigovskaya, which was offered once on the same site resources. Look and be surprised – there is no proof. A schizophrenic sees devils as real as you see a schizophrenic and no devils around him. Then where is the objective reality? Nowhere, – it is subjective. Therefore, whatever you call what is happening to you, this is exactly what is happening to you, and you don't need to prove anything. Why?!

  4. The proof that life is not a dream is the possibility of obtaining new information. When you sleep, your consciousness operates only with what it already has.

    Think about why you don't know all foreign languages, all nuclear physics, philosophy, etc.and, most importantly, everything that you haven't even learned yet, but other people, such as scientists, are about to learn.

  5. Absolutely none. Believe it or not, no one has yet come up with unconfirmed ways to prove reality. Perhaps the answer to this question will be closer if we understand what consciousness is and what methods can be used to change it.

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