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  1. Communism is the result of a Christian search for the best forms of human-to-human assistance. The ideals of universal brotherhood, freedom from exploitation, social justice, and solidarity of creative work — all this cannot be deduced from atheistic materialism, but it is repeatedly found in various Christian texts. For communism, these premises are self-evident, they are not even reflected on or questioned.

    Meanwhile, helping another person as the highest value is in the center of attention of Christianity. As a subordinate value, it is also present in other views, but the main thing is always something else.

    The main thing in pagan religions is the survival of the race; mutual assistance of fellow tribesmen is important insofar as the existence of each of them depends on the existence of the whole. Accordingly, if your neighbor by chance is not your fellow tribesman or you are no longer dependent on your fellow tribesmen, help fades into the background at least.

    In Buddhism, the main thing is liberation from suffering. Mahayana Buddhism distinguishes between hinayana and Mahayana according to its attitude to helping others. From the hinayana point of view, helping others is only as important as it is a means to your own liberation. If meditation gives you more than helping others, give it more time and attention. At the heart of Mahayana is the concept of bodhichitta, according to which you are released to help others. First free yourself, and only then help others. In both cases, helping the other person, in one way or another, depends on the prospect of their own liberation.


    And only in Christianity is helping others not only formulated as a general and independent commandment, but also placed at the center of religion, declared the main human business. The Founder of Christianity himself sacrificed His life to help people. The Christian is faced with a constant task: how to help your neighbor, what exactly to do to make it easier for him.

    For more information, see here.

    We can trace the influence of the Christian message on the development of communism as an idea in Marx's writings. “History recognizes those great men who, working for a common goal, they became more generous; experience praises the most happy the one who brought happiness to the greatest number of people; religion itself teaches us that the ideal to which all aspire, offered himself as a sacrifice for mankind, – and who would dare to deny these teachings?” [Marx. Reflections of a young man when choosing a profession. 1835 / / Soch. T. 40. P. 7]. What he thought then-see here.

  2. I would like to highlight 4 important points that communism adopted from Christianity:

    1. Attitude to material benefits and social status.

    The classics of Marxism-Leninism criticized religion, considering it a “perverse worldview” (Karl Marx), however, certain aspects of communist ideology can be identified that are comparable to the dogmas of Christianity.

    The communist system is based on the availability of public goods with the means to produce them, which ultimately ensures equality for society.

    Christianity also calls for the fight against inequality, in the Old Testament in the second epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians (2 Thess. 3:10) writes: “..he who does not want to work, do not eat.”

    It is believed that it was from the Bible that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin took this phrase and reformulated it as: “He who does not work does not eat.”

    Christians were dismissive of those who did not participate in public life by their work, but communism is essentially built on work.

    2. Attitude to wealth

    The Communists fought against the “bourgeoisie” who owned more goods than they needed. Matthew 19: 24: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eyes of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

    who promoted the return to universal values of Christian communismIn the 20th century, a political trend appeared – justice, mercy, condemning the greed and selfishness of actions inherent in capitalists.

    3. Moral principles

    “One for all and all for one”, “man to man-friend, comrade and brother”, “moral purity, simplicity and modesty” are excerpts from the moral code of the builder of communism, which come from the dogmas of Holy Scripture: Mt. 22. 35-40 – about love for God, oneself and neighbor, Mt. 12. 25-mutual forgiveness and benevolence, Mt. 7. 3,4,5-justice of moral laws before oneself, etc.

    4. False Religion

    This is what some historians call the social system of the Communists, who, destroying the Russian Orthodox Church, created their own false religion.

    They explain the origin of man – from the ape according to Darwin (scientific justification), create their own dogmas about the path of man, what is good and what is bad, what can lead to a wrong life (concerns capitalism and the West), instead of religious processions – demonstrations and parades, instead of prayers – “International”.

    Creating corners dedicated to Lenin and communism in general in educational institutions and factories is akin to the tradition of the Russian people in their homes to create a red corner with icons, where they prayed to God.

  3. nothing. No matter how much the believers try to flatter themselves. What Christians pass off as some of their moral achievements (usually in theory, no more) is simply the conditions for peaceful human coexistence in any society, including those that existed long before Christianity

  4. First, the very phrase “ideology of communism” is not entirely correct. If we talk about the Marxian concept of communism, then it is built on the foundations completely opposite to Christianity.

    The ideology of the USSR at the time of its heyday included the “Code of the builder of Communism”, which many found similar to the evangelical Sermon on the Mount, but these allusions were not essential, since the Sermon on the Mount focused on the spiritual and moral imperative, while the code transferred morality from the psychological sphere to the behavioral activity plane.

    It can even be said that communism carried out a dialectical denial of Christian morality: if the Sermon on the Mount “denied” the Mosaic commandments as an external code of conduct, making it the property of a spiritual feat in the name of the Lord, then the Communists translated morality into conscious creative activity, turning morality from a divine moral imperative into the creation of meaningful human activity.

  5. All people are equal before God, Christianity. Universal equality and brotherhood of all people on Earth (communism). Heaven in heaven. Paradise (communism) on Earth. The fact is that on Earth there is a Paradise in the understanding of Christians, and communism in the understanding of Marx. Why doesn't it look like this? But simply because people do not understand that the material for building the world is ONE beginning – good and evil. Just one beginning.

  6. Communism is not an ideology,that is, the derivation of the concept of reality from the concept of communism, as the concept of Soviet society as socialism was derived in the presence of obvious bourgeois elements-commodity-money relations inherent in the capitalist mode of production.”Pure socialism”, as a transitional period, already presupposed the absence of money,total socialization of the productive forces, and a single, indivisible society in the federation. Such a society could be called socialism and people's habit of any social isolation could be eliminated within a generation or two. Consequently, in understanding the essence of Soviet society, ideology played a negative(reactionary), deceptive role in the view of Soviet reality.Under the form of socialism was an eclectic society, which was a mixture of bourgeois and communist production relations.

  7. Ph. D. gives a very outdated conclusion, based on outdated facts. The version in his presentation is frankly far-fetched. Well, first of all, those higher moral values are not an invention of Christians, but clearly an evolutionary development of public consciousness. in different cultures. The merit of Christian philosophy is that it borrowed these values from other cultures, summed them up and combined them into one idea. Here you can't deny the resourcefulness of Christian theologians and theologians. The fact is that early Christianity is idealized only by those who have not studied in detail the history of this religion. The early teachers of this Judeo-Greek sect had nothing in common with the philosophy of late Christianity. Christian communities were more like today's radical Islamists. What kind of high morale is there, whoever is closer to the authorities and has collected the material base is right. And attempts by Catholic monks to create “communes” (in the Middle Ages), in lands far from civilization(for example, in Peru), even for a while were successful, but it always ended in failure. Even today, man has not developed to high morals( and this is unlikely to happen), and it is not scientific to talk about the past in romantic tones. If you do not study the ideas of fascism, socialism, and capitalism in a biased way, they are all perfect at first glance and seem to lead to a bright future. But as life practice shows, this does not work. And it never worked for Christians, only in their myths and fables. All modern political ideas, as well as religious ones, have proved in practice that this is just a world of ideas. And the current processes in society, and today only a primitive desire for the survival of the race, the preservation of tribal dependence, and purely biological altruism, which serves for the same processes. So, communist ideas are also a kind of hodgepodge of high ideas from different cultures, no less beautiful than Christian ones and just as utopian.

  8. But nothing ! Any human doctrine of the world order IS UNTENABLE ! The Creator warned the stooges : “You can't do anything without Me! ” Which means: whatever people willfully and stupidly start building, the “tower of babel” will come out (ridiculously: GAZPROM's development ended with the construction of the Tower). And the fate of all the towers is clearly stated – “all the towers will fall”, and this time has come. “Last times, children”! / ap. Paul / Literally according to the Scriptures: the time of opening the “third seal” ends, begins../”The Apocalypse”/

  9. Khrushchev's commandments of the builder of communism – a retelling of the biblical commandments in modern language. Stalin's phrase “He who is not with us is against us” (In fact, Jesus Christ is “He who is not with me is against me”). In general, there are many such moments. You can find them by reading the New Testament, for example. But this is the ideology of “late communism” – the beginning of the collapse, when it became clear that you can't cook porridge on naked Marx and Lenin. We need something moral. I don't recall anything in common with classical communism. “Plunder the loot” is not at all like Christianity.

    The second point. Both Christianity and communism promise a heavenly life, but not for you and not now. Christianity – after death, communism-for other generations. That is, also after death.

  10. Everything is taken except the very concept of “God”. In general, these are very similar totalitarian ideologies. Who is the first target of Christianity? On the poor and unhappy. They make up its “target audience”. So how does this differ from the communist position? Yes, in principle, nothing. Communists convince the poor that they are the salt of the earth, that it is difficult for them now, but sooner or later a beautiful future will be built – communism, where they will ride like cheese in butter, that is, receive according to their needs. And Christians say the same thing. Only if communists promise to build their own communist paradise in this life, although it is not entirely clear when, then Christians are more cunning and just in case they refer paradise to the afterlife, from which no one returns and nothing can be checked. Even their slogans are surprisingly similar. “And the last will be the first,” says the Bible. “Whoever was nothing will become everything, “the International echoes her.

    It should also be noted that both are not only very fond of the poor, but also very skeptical of the rich. This is how the Communists call the proletariat the hegemon, honor the chains of the suffering people, and defeat the representatives of the” exploiting classes ” in their rights. Christians, on the other hand, try to keep up, claiming that God loves the poor, the sick, and the wretched, and that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.

    The first Christian communities, according to the Bible, were built on the principles of vulgar communism. The people who joined them had to sell all their property and give the money to the leaders of the apostolic communities. Those who tried to cheat and hide some money for themselves were simply killed (just remember the sad story of Ananias and Zemfira).

    Some difference is observed in these teachings on the question of attitude to work. Communists called work the highest value, while Christians (with the exception of Protestants) treated work with coolness, as a punishment for sins, but still tolerated it. “The birds of heaven do not sow, nor do they reap, but they are full, so does your heavenly father love you less than the birds?” But in general, in terms of morality, the coincidence of communism and Christianity was almost complete. The moral code of the builders of communism did not differ much from the church's commandments. Both ideologies promoted self-sacrifice, Puritanism, non-possessiveness, and other “values” characteristic of totalitarian sects.

  11. Nothing was taken on purpose. All coincidences are random. Communism is the socio-political structure of society. It was scientifically predicted by Marx as a consequence of the development of capitalist society. Of course, Marx was not guided by any religion. It wasn't necessary.

  12. Absolutely everything!!! And here's the reason…a person is not stupid, and in fact never was! But the projection of Earth's days prevents you from raising your head higher!!! Namely, there are all the perfect and most correct forms! It turns out for something to look for, especially since it has already been solved for a long time.Just change the signs and cram in your own meanings and Descriptions! Everything is prepared in the best possible way….

  13. Almost everything was taken. Only in the place of God is man put. It could not be otherwise, communism was born in countries with a Christian culture. The founders and successors of this ideology, whether they wanted to or not, were brought up on Christian principles. In fact, communism is a tracing paper from early Christian communities, with the only difference that in Christianity the social principle was on a voluntary basis (recall the story of Ananias and Sapphira), and in communism on a forced one. Further, the ideologists of communism tried to make communist socialism as familiar as possible for the people: instead of processions, demonstrations were held, instead of baptisms, “zvezdiny” was practiced, instead of a prayer corner, a red corner, etc. At the same time, communism, by inertia, still had high moral principles for a long time. They valued honesty, courage, sacrifice, loyalty, integrity, conscientiousness in work, that is, everything that atheism did not have in any way. That's how they lived in the USSR, despite atheistic ideology, due to the inertia of thousands of years of national education and thanks to the upbringing of religious grandmothers or mothers, until the inertia ended. After all, the source that feeds morality is religion, and there was a ban on it.

  14. Well, let's start with the word Nothing.
    Seriously, communism is a humanistic teaching that puts man as the measure of all things.
    Materialistic, that is, recognizing matter as the basis of all things.
    If Jesus offered to endure, to wait until the short ones inherit the earth, then communism is about intolerance to the social vices of society.
    Anticipating this, Christian communities called Christian communism and with the communist movement are also associated as the Christian term symphony with Bach. No way.

  15. Nothing. The ideology of communism is the result of German philosophy and economics. The contradictions with Christianity and religion in general are of a fundamental nature. Both are public and state ideologies. Therefore, a match in some points is quite possible.


    Lenin proved that for a continuous transition to communism, one must pass through TWO TRANSITIONAL FORMS, not one. The first model of socialism or the first TRANSITIONAL FORM is the USSR-a great Stalinist state with 100% unity of COMMAND and 0% collective power. It was needed because of the devastation, illiteracy, and war. It was PURE SOCIALISM without any admixture of pure communism. But pure socialism is also not quite a fair system. Lenin's “SEMI-EQUALITY, SEMI-JUSTICE”. But pure socialism IS OBSOLETE. He died of old age. The dying body of an old man is decomposing. So the disintegration of socialism was a sign of old age, a sign of the decrepitude of an OUTDATED ORGANISM. The disintegration of the elite of ancient Rome meant the imminent arrival of a new social organism –FEUDALISM.

    The disintegration of socialism as a result of old age means the birth in the future of a new system – PURE COMMUNISM. Lenin prepared the whole theory of both socialism and communism but the problem is that there are no Leninists in Russia.

    But Lenin will return with the second coming as promised. But this time with the theory of pure communism, not socialism. If only the Russians could learn to read and study his work on pure communism. Communism is a global community. Do you need ministries under communism? But we don't need the ministers themselves. Under communism, ministries, the General Staff, the Moscow State University, the Supreme Soviet, factories, and hospitals will work for the Makarenko COMMUNE as communities of EQUAL BROTHERS.

    Lenin's model of THE SECOND TRANSITIONAL FORM of SOCIALISM lies at


  17. The inability to fully achieve the goal is a common and main condition for long-term ideologies. The achieved goal is the enemy of any ideology.

    The USSR achieved its consumption goals (communism was promised in 1980), and already in 1985 the question of replacing ideology arose.

    Christianity requires not just salvation of the soul, but maximum and regular self-improvement. Therefore, faith is still relevant.

    If the late USSR had set itself practically impossible goals, as the Communists did in the 1930s and 50s… The country would still be thriving.

  18. Put next to the Sermon on the Mount (10 commandments) and the Moral Code of the builder of communism (there was such a little book). And a pencil… line by line.. check boxes for matches. You will find the answer. Or did you decide to study philosophy from comics?

  19. Sometime in the late sixth century BC, the philosopher and healer magician, the Essenes called him the Teacher, organized a commune. They WORSHIPPED NATURE, AND CONSIDERED MAN TO BE ITS PEAK. In the first century AD, the Jews rebelled against the Roman invaders. All the Essenes buried their books and went to war. None of them returned to Qumran. the traitor to the Jews, Josephus (he had nowhere to go), proposed to the emperor the creation of spiritual chains for slaves. The emperor liked this idea, he settled Joseph in his palace, gave him citizenship and provided material, as well as personal control over the composition. After the essay was finished, Joseph (again with the emperor's money) created a school of preachers. A year later, 40 underground snakes, propagators of Christian slavery, crawled out of this school… Thus, the IDEA of COMMUNISM was taken from the ESSENES. The propagators of spiritual slavery are not involved in this idea.

  20. A trick question. They say that both are bad, people do not bring happiness. “Let's all dance on the bones of communism and mock Christianity. Let's forget atheism in general, “- the opinion of hopeless dullards who think of themselves as “thinkers”, as they now say, CREATIVE INTELLECTUALS ( read: cretins active in the body of that lecture of everyone or me). No one has built communism yet, because of the depravity of most of the world's population. Christianity tries to contain human VICES in various ways, sometimes VERY cruel. People who break loose are very dangerous to society. Their goal is not to improve the lives of ALL people on the planet, as they loudly claim, but to adapt everyone they can to THEMSELVES, so that they can ride like cheese in butter all their insignificant life without worrying about anything.

  21. Nothing in common. Communism presupposes building a society of equal people and social justice, while Christianity teaches repentance, humility, non-resistance to evil and worship of the lord.

  22. Good day to you!

    Communism and Christianity? They have nothing in common initially.

    The goal of communism is a free man in a free society.

    The goal of Christianity is slavery.

  23. Historically, people began to “distort” the Teachings of Jesus Christ from the time of the first “Christian “”councils” (i.e. meetings of leaders of the formed communities). Sects began to form (i.e., religious movements that broke away in their creeds from the fundamental Teaching of God).
    The actions of ethically flawed people have always contributed to the distortion and even complete perversion of the Teachings given by God, even to the opposite. After all, one of the main thoughts of people of vice is the desire to subjugate others, to enslave them.
    A vivid example is the statement that the desire to make efforts to become better turns out to be … sinful! After all, from success-you can get proud! And this will be, they say, the most terrible sin!…
    Is it not because people, especially those in power, because of their own ignorance or out of selfish motives, hid and distorted simple truths about the Path to God, the Path to happiness?
    After all, it is so easy to secure both power and money by declaring yourself, for example, an intermediary between people and God. All you have to do is put on your “priestly” clothes and solemnly declare: behold, I have the power to ask God for your well-being, I have the right to absolve you of your sins, come to me, pay money, of course, otherwise … – you will burn forever in the fire of hell!… This is a typical sectarian version of self-serving lies.
    Many bright minds in the history of mankind have sought to create models of society that can be combined under the single term communism. But real attempts to approach this ideal did not always have a positive effect, as we observed, for example, in the USSR.
    From our point of view, the basis of social harmony should be not the structure of the economy and the way of distribution of material goods, but the psychological state of the members of society. Namely, there must be a sincere goodwill of people in their relations with each other.
    It is impossible to introduce Democratic principles into the environment of degenerates and primitives.
    Democracy is the power of the people. But in order to exercise a reasonable government, the mentality of this people must be true morality. The majority of the Russian people profess drunkenness and fascism.
    Only by” cultivating ” the people over several decades of wise and strict (!) rule would it be possible to transfer democracy to such a people.
    If we continue to indulge the dominant mass form in our country-with its evil, aggressive, loveless and psychopathological mentality, with its lack of understanding of religion-then no other positive state reforms will help prevent further rotting and rotting of souls on the territory of our country.
    It is necessary to cultivate the spiritual and moral principles of humanism.
    Why is it that in the” calm “countries of the” East ” affability, cordiality, unselfishness, and hospitality are characteristic national features — unlike in Russia, where this is now almost not found? Reason… In those countries, this is exactly how many generations of people were raised.
    And why, then, is the mass mentality in those countries incomparably superior to the Russian one? The reason is that many generations of the population of those countries were brought up (and brought up!) based on the high (though not the highest) spiritual and moral principles of humanism.
    And in Russia, the “popular masses ” have been brought up almost indefinitely on the ideas of aggressive intolerance and fear, as well as in drunkenness.
    Spiritual culture on Earth is close to disintegration.
    Did Jesus teach rites?
    Did He teach murder, self-interest, anger, aggressiveness, and cruelty to anyone with even a slightly different mind? Let's take a look at the history of the centuries… We will also see what has been happening in recent decades… Jesus taught love-tenderness, love-care, forgiveness, inner peace found in the depths of one's own spiritual heart, non-conflict, humility, reverence for the Holy Spirits and learning from Them, striving for the knowledge of God the Father. This is what true Christianity is!
    The highest priority should be given to the ethical values that They and other great thinkers have proposed as the foundations of morality.
    Rough emotions – that's what you need to get rid of.
    Such people have a propensity for violence, cruelty to people and animals, any manifestations of egocentrism, such as narcissism because of real or perceived success, selfishness, envy, jealousy, tediousness, the desire to humiliate others, lying, resentment, intolerance characteristics and the opinions of others, a readiness to revenge, the desire to possess someone else, the arrogance, the habit to make fun of others, to condemn and to defile everything and everyone around…
    By the way: this also applies to the Orthodox, because there are very few Christians among them!
    Why do I say that?
    Because I believe that only those who live in accordance with the Teachings of Jesus Christ can be called Christians. And not those who have just been baptized and sometimes “go to church” to “pray” for something quite material and “light a candle” – “just in case”: what if God really exists?… Most of these people have never even been interested in what Jesus taught…
    Jesus taught us to forgive, not to claim back what was taken from you, to be humble, not aggressive, not aggressive, not to be annoyed, judging others, not to covet worldly values, not “attached” to earthly objects, including other people, but love to respond to all sorts of antics primitives, to be caring, tender in relations with others…
    — of the positive qualities that need to be developed, it should be noted:
    — benevolence
    — – compassion
    — – devotion to God
    — – humility before Him,
    – striving to know Him and merge with Him,
    — a willingness to help other beings,
    the tendency to creativity,
    the altruism,
    the susceptibility to the beauty,
    the energy in the service and development of themselves,
    control their emotions, the rejection of coarseness, cultivation of sophistication,
    the thirst for knowledge, understanding of the meaning of life,
    the development of sophisticated and wise strength
    — the possession of gratitude as a quality of the soul,
    — careful attitude to health.

    We are sent by God to Earth in order to become better, gaining and developing these spiritual qualities in ourselves!
    Based on the books of Vladimir Vasilyevich Antonov

  24. Communism does not agree with Christianity in any way. Not in values. They are completely different in them. Neither in relation to the person. For a communist, it is a value in itself, even sounds proud. For a Christian, he is a creature, even if it is God's, but … Not in defining the meaning of life. And this is contrary to the propaganda about their original identity. A lie! However, this is for an article that, of course, there is no one to read.

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